November 8, 2019

 What's Inside:

- Honoring Ed Brooks

- Suicide Prevention

- Capitol Christmas Tree

- Spotlight on Service: Honoring Amanda Morris

- Agency Updates


Honoring Those who Served



Ed Brooks Resolutionedbrookstribute (1).jpg (1)

Yesterday, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a joint resolution honoring the memory and service of my friend and predecessor in the 50th Assembly District, Representative Ed Brooks. 

As a legislator, he was a champion for the 50th district (which he rightly called “the best district”), and for rural Wisconsin as a whole. He was a founding member of the Rural Wisconsin Initiative, and he worked diligently to bridge the rural/urban gap and make sure that our area had an equal opportunity and a fair shake

Ed's generosity, kindness, and selfless service touched many people both inside the capitol and out. Ed was the rare guy who truly cared about every person he interacted with. Legislators from both sides of the aisle shared fond stories of working with Ed, and many a tear was shed as the stories were told. If you would like to view these stories, click here.

Last May, when Ed announced that he was stepping away from the legislature, he wrote “Sometimes, it’s too hard to say good bye, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll say thank you.”

Thank you, Ed – I will miss you always.

Suicide Prevention Task Force

I am proud to announce that the entire package of bills released by the Suicide Prevention Task Force passed the Assembly yesterday. Our nation has been plagued by a alarming rise in suicide rates across the country, and Wisconsin has unfortunately seen a similar rise at the state level. I am hopeful that these bills will go a long way towards raising awareness about suicide as well as prevention. If you would like to listen to a podcast by Task Force Leader Rep. Ballweg and Assembly Majority Leader Rep. Steineke, click this link.

My specific bill in this package was AB 526, which seeks to further education on suicide prevention for medical professionals. If you would like to watch my floor speech on this bill, click this link.


Capitol Christmas Tree

121117 Christmas Tree.jpgThe 2019 Capitol Christmas Tree's theme has been announced! This year's  theme is "Celebrate Science". Schoolchildren across Wisconsin will be asked to create and submit science-related ornaments, which will then be used to decorate this year's tree. 

Spotlight on Service

Late in August I began asking folks around the 50th Assembly District for nominations for the First Responder of the Year Award. My office was pleasantly surprised by the number of  individuals being nominated. I was blown away by the many selfless individuals who volunteer their time and talents in order to serve our communities. Over the next few weeks, I would like to introduce you to more of the outstanding First Responders we have in our District.

This week meet: Amanda Morris, Director of the Elroy Area Emergency Medical Services. When Amanda first started as director, Elroy Area EMS did not have enough EMT's and EMR's to fill their schedules. Amanda arranged for several EMT classes to be taught and taught several EMR classes herself. As a result, the Elroy area now has emergency medical service coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

A excerpt from one of her nomination forms reads: "Amanda was so instrumental in working with her team to organize fundraisers that allowed them to purchase some additional need for the Ambulance Dept. She also helped the candidates for EMT's study for their exams. This was all done on her own time. The most important of all her attributes is the wonderful professional care she has given to the patients when she is on call. We have heard from many patients that her knowledge, courtesy, and care are so very appreciated. Amanda has a full time job and dedicates many of her off work hours to coverage for the Elroy Area Ambulance Service. We are very thankful to have Amanda as our Director of the Elroy Area Ambulance Service."

Amanda's commitment to helping her community as well as taking care of fellow EMT's is outstanding, and it was my honor to thank such a great first responder for serving our district.

Agency Updates 

Department of Natural Resources

Department of Agriculture

  • Hemp licensing applications and registrations are available for the 2020 Wisconsin growing season starting Nov. 1, 2019. The deadline for current licensees to renew their registration is March 1, 2020. New licensees can apply at any time during the year. For more info, click on this link.

Department of Tourism

  • As peak Deer Hunting season draws ever closer, the Department of Tourism has teamed up with the DNR to release a media packet. This packet contains useful information such as the 2019 Deer Hunting Forecast, whats new in the 2019 season, and how to find a place to hunt. If you are interested in viewing this packet or other information provided by the DNR on deer hunting, click this link.

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