WEDC Public Review Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Secretary and CEO Mark Hogan announced the WEDC board would have the opportunity to review the contract between Wisconsin and Foxconn before voting on it.
Rep. Sargent’s Statement on Governor Walker’s Letter to the NFL "Dialogues about racism and domestic violence are not mutually exclusive, and we shouldn’t have to choose between tackling misogyny or domestic violence and systemic racism.”
King Audit, Hearing Highlight Need for Legislative Oversight and Accountability “Executive agencies needs to respect the legislative process,” Sargent continued. “Complying with the Legislature isn’t optional—that’s how government works."
Reps. Sargent and Taylor Request LAB Audit of DOJ Sexual Assault Kit Testing “This is a matter of statewide importance. We can’t keep letting evidence collect dust on a shelf"
ENDA Report Underscores Need for Domestic Violence Prevention in Wisconsin "This report underscores the fact that domestic violence has become a public health crisis in Wisconsin, and it should serve as a haunting reminder to lawmakers that deaths at the hands of domestic violence are absolutely preventable.”