Rep. Sargent Statement on Reports Gov. Walker Misused Taxpayer Dollars "The people of Wisconsin don't send us their hard-earned money so politicians like Scott Walker can go gallivanting around Wisconsin filming campaign ads for their re-election."
One-Track-Mind Attorney General Stays the Course “These are people’s lives that are at stake here; they’re not asking for much, they’re simply looking for the Department of Justice to do its job.”
Intimidated by “Federal Issues,” Scott Walker Deflects on Elections Interference “Just because Scott Walker doesn’t want to answer tough questions in an election year doesn’t mean it’s outside of his jurisdiction, it just means he’s too scared to take a stand on anything meaningful,” Sargent concluded.
Rep. Sargent Statement on Scott Walker’s “Federal Issue” Hypocrisy “So, Scott Walker has time to celebrate National Selfie Day, sit down for lunch with Donald Trump, and weigh in on international tariffs, but is so overwhelmed and has his “hands full” as governor that he doesn’t have the time or energy to call for kids to stop being put in cages?
Rep. Sargent Statement on Separating Migrant Children from Their Families "These are human beings. These are children. And these are families. This is no longer about policy, partisanship, or ideology. This is about decency and mercy and humanity."