Rep. Sargent Statement on Separating Migrant Children from Their Families "These are human beings. These are children. And these are families. This is no longer about policy, partisanship, or ideology. This is about decency and mercy and humanity."
Rep. Sargent (Recycled) Statement on Assembly Republicans’ Refusal to Adopt Universal Background Checks in Wisconsin (Again) "It’s clear our kids’ pleas didn’t just fall on deaf ears, they fell on ears that just don’t give a damn."
Rep. Sargent’s Statement on Governor Walker’s Call for a School Safety Special Session Governor Walker has pretty much spent his entire career offering nothing more than thoughts and prayers to victims of gun violence
Democrats Introduce Lethal Violence Protective Order Bill to Prevent Gun Violence Lethal Violence Protective Orders would enable officers and family members to act on warning signs, intervene against gun violence
Rep. Sargent Statement on Child Tax Rebate and Annual Sales Tax Holiday "I have news for Governor Walker and Republicans in the Legislature: you can’t buy our votes."