Dear Neighbor,

My name is Melissa Sargent, and it is my honor to represent you in the Wisconsin State Assembly. As your State Representative in the Wisconsin State Capitol, it’s my job to make laws that will help hardworking Wisconsinites like you do things like support our community schools, fund projects for roads and highways, and protect our lakes, marshes, and forests. Wisconsin is facing serious challenges-our pocketbook has been stretched too thin over the past eight years-and it is time Wisconsin moves forward.

With your help, I am committed to moving Wisconsin toward a more progressive tomorrow. I work hard to support our communities on the North and East sides of Madison and the Village of Maple Bluff by working to encourage responsible gun ownership, fuller funding for public schools, and fighting for the economic boon our state desperately needs. All citizens should feel empowered to exercise their right to vote, and elections should be free and fair for all. I come to the Capitol everyday ready to fight for the equality that all humans deserve, and I am proud to represent you in that fight.

Working for you,

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Representative Melissa Sargent
48th Assembly District