After criticizing sexual assault survivors, Schimel suddenly positive about policies he’s failed to push “I have been a relentless supporter and advocate of victims and survivors of sexual assault, this is nothing new,”
Rep. Sargent Statement on Eerily Familiar DOR Budget Request Wisconsin state agencies finalized their biennial budget requests last night, and you don’t need a microscope to see how deep Governor Walker’s hand has dipped into the pot on these
Rep. Sargent Statement on Reports Gov. Walker Misused Taxpayer Dollars "The people of Wisconsin don't send us their hard-earned money so politicians like Scott Walker can go gallivanting around Wisconsin filming campaign ads for their re-election."
One-Track-Mind Attorney General Stays the Course “These are people’s lives that are at stake here; they’re not asking for much, they’re simply looking for the Department of Justice to do its job.”