9/25  Janesville Gazette: Great Lakes Basin Transportation amends route to cut through western Rock County

8/26  Urban Milwaukee: DVDs cannot replace teachers

7/8    Beloit Daily News: Family Care/IRIS programs expand to Rock County

7/5   Wisconsin Radio News: Democratic lawmaker blast governor on transportation funding stance

4/5    Janesville Gazette: Rep. Mark Spreitzer: Republicans put political ambition ahead of fair elections, refuse to fix rigged system

3/7    The Badger Herald: Why the Wisconsin Assembly had its shortest session in 40 years

2/27   Beloit Daily News: Merrill announces successful 'Neighbors helping neighbors'

2/20   Beloit Daily News: Local representatives reflect on their progress in Assembly 

2/16  Janesville Gazette: Rep. Spreitzer protests fast-moving Legislature

2/4    WEAU TV: Bill introduced to encourage young people to farm (video)

2/2    WI Public Radio: State Lawmaker Proposes Student Loan Relief For New Farmers

2/1    Janesville Gazette: Rock County welcomes state's Family Care program

1/27   Beloit Daily News: Walker signs Family Care bill, Health care services to expand in county

1/25   Janesville Gazette: Rep. Spreitzer named to transportation, rules panels

1/22   Wisconsin Ag Connection: Spreitzer, Ringhand Propose Loan Program for New Farmers

1/1     Beloit Daily News: New laws mark a new year in Wisconsin




11/21    Beloit Daily News: JOB, SOS Latino to host rally

11/5      Beloit Daily News: Vote boosts 39/90 expansion

11/5      Beloit Daily News: Bill would increase access to health care

11/2      Beloit Daily News: Serving solitary: Necessary, or cruel and unusual?

10/30    Beloit Daily News: Legislators weigh in on 'bathroom bill'

10/24    Beloit Daily News: Editorial: A bad week for accountability

10/23    Janesville Gazette: Release funds for I39/90

10/23    Janesville Gazette: Opinion: Republican bills open Wisconsin to corruption

10/21     Wisconsin Gazette: Wisconsin GOP plays potty politics

10/16     Beloit Daily News: U.S. Rep. Pocan wades into I-90/39 project delay

10/9     Wisconsin Gazette: Wis. Republicans want law barring transgender students from restrooms

9/28     Beloit Daily News: Fruzen school dedication caps referendum projects

9/28     Beloit Daily News: Beckman Mill accomplishments noted

9/23     Janesville Gazette: Committee approves Rep. Spreitzer's local control legislation

9/21     Janesville Gazette: Editorial: Quit stalling and reform state's redistricting process

9/16      Beloit Daily News: Spreitzer pushes for non-partisan redistricting

9/15      Beloit Daily News: Editorial: Wisconsin elections, rigged and corrupted

9/14      Cap Times: Editorial: Redistricting reform worth a try despite awful odds

9/14      Wisconsin Public Radio: State Capitol Report: Democrats' Redistricting Bill (audio interview)

9/9        Beloit Daily News: Rep. Mark Spreitzer introduces bill to reassign redistricting authority

8/27       Beloit Daily News: Summit focuses on business, education

8/14       Beloit Daily News: Budget is focus at Legislative Breakfast

8/8         Beloit Daily News: Spreitzer named to task force

7/30       Beloit Daily News: JFC Talking Points

7/18       Beloit Daily News: Spreitzer on his no vote

7/9        Beloit Daily News: Politicians debate change to work week provision

7/6         Beloit Daily News: 1 local rep for records change

7/3         Janesville Gazette: Loudenbeck supports changes to weaken open records law 

6/30       Beloit Daily News: Citizens loud on records

6/30       Beloit Daily News: Dems want to remove marriage definition in constitution

6/17       The Evansville Review: Spreitzer Introduces AB 262

June      The Independent Register: Rep. Spreitzer advocates for local control

4/29       The Independent Register: Juda students urged to take pledge to never text and drive

4/5         Wisconsin Gazette: Wisconsin Republicans running scared over Walker budget