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In the early years of our nation, the federal government granted land to states to encourage settlement. The states in turn sold the land to settlers. Under the Wisconsin Constitution, the proceeds of those land sales must go to public schools and a state university. That definition has since expanded to include municipal public work projects. A legislative study committee is now examining whether the statutes need further update. Pictured here are some members of the study committee on which I serve.

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On Thursday March 22nd, I gave a speech on the Assembly floor calling for more emotional safety in our schools. In the wake of school shootings across the country, the mental health of our students has not been addressed enough. Moving forward, the emotional safety of our children and students must be strengthened.


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On Thursday, February 22nd, I welcomed Milton Police Officer Lindsey Bittorf and her family to the Capitol to accept the Hometown Hero Award. Officer Bittorf donated a kidney to 8-year-old Jackson Arneson, who she had not previously met. Jackson and his family will be attended the award presentation as well.