First, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read these updates that we send out every week. We try to do our best to give you important information about what is going on in the legislature and in the 42nd Assembly District. I welcome and appreciate the feedback I have gotten from all of you and encourage you to continue to keep the lines of communication open with my office.


According to state law, elected officials who are up for reelection may not send more than 50 individual, identical communications (mass emails, letters, etc.) after April 15th of an election year. This is to ensure that official state business and campaign operations are distinctly separate. My office is still able to send press releases to news outlets, post on Facebook and Twitter, and send/respond to constituents who contact the office.  


I encourage you to follow my office on Facebook and Twitter where we will continue to post about what is going on in state government and address important issues. My office, of course, will still be open during regular business hours and my staff is on hand to serve the constituents of the 42nd Assembly District.





CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines 

Social_Dist_Extnd 590.png


CDC has extended the social distancing guidelines until April 30. 

Click on the photo above to view the CDC guidelines for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



State Parks Closed 

parks closed 590.png


Governor Evers has directed the WI Department of Natural Resources to close 40 state parks as of tomorrow due to crowds, litter, vandalism, and public health concerns. This goes into effect today, April 10, and the parks will remain shut down until further notice. 

Click on the photo above for a list of the parks that will be closing.



4.10.20 (1).png


If we are able to continue to support our neighbors throughout this crisis, the less the long term damage to our economy in the end. Thank you SO much for thinking local! 

Click on the photo above for a list of restaurants in and around the 42nd Assembly District that are taking orders for takeout.