Celebrating our 1st Responder Amber Hahn and Madison Police Chief Koval



Northwoods WI Day of Choice


I am always so blessed to be able to converse with my friends from Northwoods, who were able to come down to Madison this week in honor of Wisconsin's Day of Choice. 

Northwoods Incorporated of Wisconsin, located in Portage, is a nonprofit community rehabilitation provider who employs adults with disabilities. At their facility, employees performed tasks that allowed employees to enjoy meaningful and productive work in an inclusive environment.

I am so fortunate to have built a relationship with the great men and women who work in Northwoods, and I am privileged to continue to fight for them in Madison. 

Please go to to see my tour of their facility this summer.

Assembly Joint Resolution 88



Tuesday, I joined colleagues to announce Assembly Joint Resolution 88 which supports basing F-35s at Truax Field Air National Guard Base in Madison. I enthusiastically support the F-35s coming to Madison and look forward to our state working closely with the USAF to make it happen.

F35Mission_squareszied (003).jpg

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