FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        November 1, 2017

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Rep. Zimmerman Leads the Fight for Tax Reform

Madison, WI Earlier today, the Wisconsin State Assembly signaled its intention to reform the state’s tax code by expanding the Committee on Ways and Means to include four subcommittees. Chairman John Macco (R-Ledgeview) has appointed Rep. Shannon Zimmeramn (R-River Falls) to lead the Subcommittee on Excise Taxes and Fees.

The mission of the Ways and Means committee will be to thoroughly review Wisconsin’s tax code and propose legislation to improve Wisconsin’s tax climate; helping taxpayers, businesses and growing Wisconsin’s economy.

“Rep. Zimmerman is a legislator who gets it,” said Chairman John Macco. “He’s already established himself as someone who wants to actually accomplish something while he’s here, and he’s willing to do the hard work on Excise taxes and fees. With his leadership I feel comfortable that we will create a tax code that is fair, low and easy that will support 21st Century jobs, families and retirees.”

Zimmerman says he is eager to embrace the leadership role.

“Being good stewards of taxpayer money starts with keeping taxes low, which I am proud to say we have accomplished” said Rep. Zimmerman. “I also believe it’s important to ensure our tax system is transparent and simple. Getting government out of the way will unleash the creative business drive I see every day in Western Wisconsin”

Rep. Zimmerman’s subcommittee is one of four, each of which will focus on different aspects of tax law. In the coming months the subcommittees will meet with taxpayers across the state to develop a fairer, more efficient tax code for Wisconsin.


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