Hello, I’m Shannon Zimmerman, Wisconsin State Representative for District 30, proudly serving the communities of Hudson, North Hudson, Roberts and River Falls.  As a local business owner and a person active in the community, I am well aware of the challenge it can be to keep up on Wisconsin news. Life can be busy, and the lack of television coverage can leave many in the dark.

Being informed is important.  Decisions of government can impact us all in the community, so I will periodically provide short video updates, so you know what is happening in Madison. My job is to represent your needs, so not only will I share progress updates such as this, you can get involved!

A few weeks ago, I announced Zimmerman Connect, a critical and revolutionary new way to be certain that your voice is heard. To obtain your perspective on matters, I will periodically launch videos on specific subjects which are then followed by a survey to get your input.  Weigh in and be heard.

Today I wanted to give you a quick look into our most recent legislative session.  Here are just a few of the key highlights.

Recognizing every person’s own right to make critical medical decisions for themselves, we passed a bill in the Assembly called Right to Try. If you or a loved one are facing the toughest of news,  that of a terminal illness and have exhausted all medical measures, Right to Try offers hope. Often the investigational treatment options are unavailable as they work through the often slow and rigorous government approval process.  Right to Try legislation has been passed in 33 States and hopefully soon, Wisconsin residents will have every option at preserving or extending life.

Next, a bill passed in the Assembly called Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Neutrality which opens government projects to a broader base of bidders.  It gives maximum flexibility to those making the purchasing decisions for the State. Local policy makers can now choose the best, most qualified and attractively priced bidder without reservation. All of these bills are great news for Wisconsin taxpayers. 

Finally, the Assembly passed a bill to delete the office of State Treasurer from our constitution.  By the State Treasurer’s admission, the position is just no longer needed.  A bold and honorable thing to do, this will reduce State expense and again, bring benefit to the taxpayer.

As a person that has spent my adult life running a business, I am all about efficiency and productivity. Those same traits I bring to the Legislature on your behalf.  My attention is keenly set on education and economic matters which are also critical to our community. Keep watching for more updates and don’t forget to get involved with Zimmerman Connect which gives you direct input to my office in Madison.

I look forward to seeing many of you in the community soon and thank you for your time today.