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Rob Strives for Broadband Expansion in His District



A group of rural legislators, including myself, have supported increased state funding to expand broadband access, including an additional $10 million for grants in the next budget. Broadband infrastructure takes time to implement and the need for connectivity is now. Therefore, I am pushing hard for the use of TV White Space broadband technologies. It is my hope that this technology will be one answer for those in the 29th District that are trying to connect.

Here are some benefits of TV White Space Technology:

  • More cost effective in rural areas than traditional, wired options.
  • Can deliver internet that is 4 times faster and reaches 16 times farther than current Wi-Fi.
  • 20 TV white space pilot projects have served 185,000 users with broadband connectivity.
  • Operates at a frequency that can move through natural barriers such as hills and trees.

Rob Authors Apprenticeship Bill to Promote the Trades



Authoring and supporting legislation that improves education access and enhances workforce development in rural Wisconsin is one of my top priorities. That is why I authored AB734 which I refer to as my Apprenticeship Bill.  This bill recently passed through the Assembly Committee on Workforce Development. The bill is designed to create a tax deduction for tuition paid for apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeship programs are the gateway to many family-supporting careers in this state and this bill levels the playing field so that those going into apprenticeships can get the same tax deductions that students in other types of education receive. By ensuring that all educational opportunities are tax-deductible, we will put apprenticeship educational opportunities on a level playing field with traditional 2 year and 4 year degrees and hopefully promote more young people into these great careers as well.


AG Day with Farm Bureau at the Capitol!



January 24th was AG Day at the Capitol. It was great to get to see and chat with my Farm Bureau Friends about their concerns and upcoming legislation regarding the 29th District and rural Wisconsin as a whole. We spoke about Protecting the farmers ability to farm, high capacity wells, wolf management, wetlands, sparsity aid, and many other serious issues. Thank you to those that came and participated. Your attendance strengthens the voice of Wisconsin agriculture.


Upcoming Local Events!

January 26, 2018: Candlelight Ski

Where: Red Cedar State Trail Time: 6-9PM

January 26-28, 2018: Hot Air Affair

Where: E.P. Rock Elementary School


February 8, 2018: Buffet Style Community Dinners
Where: Dunn County Fish & Game Time: 5-7:30PM
Dinners are the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month!
February 10th, 2018: The Snow Ball
Where: Dunn County Historical Society in Wakanda Park Time: 7-11PM
February 10, 2018: Menomonie Polar Plunge
Where: Wakanda Park & Waterpark
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