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to the 29th District Team!

 I would like to introduce you all to my new assistant, Sharlene Konkel. Sharlene is a lifetime Wisconsin resident, member of the Air National Guard, mother of 2 boys and she loves to hunt! She is passionate and committed to our mission to make a difference in the 29th District! Please feel free to contact our office any time with issues, questions or concerns. Sharlene is ready to help you out!

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Rep. Rob Stafsholt
State Capitol, Room 17 North
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Madison, WI 53708

Toll-Free (888) 529-0029 or (608) 266-7683

The Bridge....We Really Have a New Bridge!!!

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I was thrilled to be a part of the long-awaited St. Croix Crossing coming to life on August 2nd, after decades of planning and hard work by so many individuals. The Crossing is replacing the iconic Lift Bridge that has been in existence since 1931. It was truly a historic event with hundreds of people taking part in the anticipation and festivities. It was a great moment to see Governor Walker and Governor Dayton celebrating the bridge that joins our two wonderful states together on a beautiful, sunny day; and other than some humor on how much better our Packers are than their Vikings, it was truly a bipartisan, two-state cooperative event-great to see! It was also a perfect time to congratulate our newly appointed St. Croix County Sheriff, Scott Knudson, who took his Oath of Office the next day. Sheriff Knudson was a great choice and I have nothing but confidence in what he will bring to St. Croix County. Congratulations Scott!

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Bill of Rights

Press Conference

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As many of you know, property rights are one of my pillars of motivation to be a State Representative, so I was thrilled to stand in full support of The Homeowner's Bill of Rights; a package of bills designed to give power back to the property owner!

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Did you know that it has been estimated that today 25% of the cost of a new construction home goes to meeting regulations and codes???

This package is not only going to cut some of the cost burden for homeowners, but it also gives power back to the property-owner's hands.


Menomonie Dental Center Ribbon-Cutting

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Menomonie Dental Center serves all patients, regardless of ability to pay or insurance. A dental payment assistance program is available to help patients who have limited income and out-of-pocket dental expenses for residents of Dunn and surrounding counties. I had a wonderful afternoon with an extraordinary group of folks doing extraordinary things for our district!

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