Working With You Days

Here you will find links to the press released and pictures from each Working With You day. 

The idea for Working With You came from Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) who spent his career in United States Senate working at over 400 businesses in his district. I knew that if I were ever to hold public office, I wanted to do something similar.

Each month, I spend one entire day working at a small business in the 28th Assembly District. This could be a grocery store, a manufacturing plant, a farm, or anything you could think of. This allows me to understand and experience firsthand what the folks in my district do every day when they go to work. It allows me to understand how people here make a living. It is truly one of my favorite parts of this job.

If you have any suggestions for future Working With You days, please let me know.

Please check back later for new Working With You Day releases!