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Ella Goes to Washington

Ella Award

From June 21st-23rd, Ella Waterworth of St. Croix Falls represented the state of Wisconsin at Cystic Fibrosis Advocacy Days in Washington D.C.

I had the honor of presenting to her a legislative citation for the work that she's done.

Ella is a 7th grader at St. Croix Falls Middle School who spends an incredible amount of time raising awareness for cystic fibrosis. Why does she do it? For her brothers, who were both diagnosed with CF at an early age. 

While in Washington D.C., Ella had the opportunity to lobby for cystic fibrosis as a teen advocate. On her journey, she met with legislators and their staff, telling each of them her family's story. 

I am so proud to know there are young people in our district like Ella, who dedicate an incredible amount of time to helping others.

Please click here to find our more about Ella's story.

Ella Two Pics

Bill Updates

Deer Feeding: Our deer feeding bill has passed through the Assembly and is heading to the Governor's desk.

Bear Preference Points: Our bear preference points bill has passed through the Assembly and is heading to the Governor's desk. 

Aquaculture: I'm proud to announce that the bill I co-sponsored on aquaculture was signed into law on Friday, June 23rd at Star Prairie Trout Ponds, in Star Prairie, WI.

Dental Association

On June 21st, Governor Walker signed a bill into law that relates to dental hygienists.

With this new law, dental hygienists have more opportunities to practice without being in the presence of a licensed dentist.

Jennifer Martinson, President of the Wisconsin Dental Hygiene Association, came down from Amery to witness the signing.

I was more than happy to vote for this common-sense legislation.


I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing 4th of July! 



Constituent Visits

On June 21st, our constituent, Gae Magnafici joined us at the Capitol for floor session.

It's always an honor to show constituents around the Capitol and allow them to experience the day-to-day life of legislator in Madison.

I encourage anybody else, if you're going to be in Madison, to reach out to my office so we can give you a tour as well.

Gae Parlor



Budget Spotlight: Local Government Property Insurance Fund

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance has requested statutory changes to cease the issuance of new property insurance policies and the renewal of existing policies under the local government property insurance fund program, in order to cease operations of the program.

The program makes property insurance available for tax-supported local government property, such as government buildings, schools, and libraries. 

Premiums are paid into the fund, which is used for the payment of claims and for administrative costs. 

There are currently approximately 175 policies through the fund, with a total insured value of $2.2 billion.

Do you have any problems with this request?


Unbelievable Murr Decision

On June 23rd, the United States Supreme Court ruled against the Murr family.

The Murr family has owned two adjacent properties on the lower portion of the St. Croix River since the 1960's.

One of their properties has a cottage on it, while the other was purchased as an investment to fund any necessary updates along the way.

Due to state and local restrictive regulations, and the absence of a simple local variance, the Murr family can no longer follow through with their original plans.

We have a fix for this, and you'll hear more about in mid-July.

Click here for the U.S. Supreme Court Opinion. 




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