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Yesterday, the Assembly passed AB42, otherwise known as the REINS Act.(Co-authored by myself and Rep. Neylon)

The REINS Act, if signed into law by the Governor, will provide for more thoughtful rulemaking by government agencies.

Currently, when an agency wants to create a rule, it must pass through DOA (Department of Administration) and the Governor. The REINS Act, among other things, would give JCRAR (Joint Committee on Review of Administrative Rules) the ability to call for a public hearing, which they currently can’t do.  

The people of our state have the right to provide input and be protected by unnecessary agency regulations. The REINS Act will make that possible.

Shareholders' Meetings

Yesterday, the Senate passed our shareholder meetings bill. In the Assembly, the bill has been referred to the Committee on Financial Institutions and is awaiting a public hearing.

This bill would loosen the burdensome requirements on annual shareholder meetings, by allowing the use of remote communication (video conferencing, etc.).

Bear Preference Points

Our bill relating to bear preference points was voted on in the Senate yesterday, and it passed.

It is scheduled for the Assembly floor next week Wednesday and then will go to the Governor for his signature. 

This bill would allow you start collecting bear preference points prior to being of hunting age.


Deer Feeding

Our deer feeding bill was voted on by the Senate yesterday and also passed. We are currently waiting on the assembly to schedule it for a floor date.  

Once again, this bill would change the forever ban on deer feeding to a sunset ban. Currently, there is a ban on feeding deer in counties with positive CWD tests, and surrounding counties as well.

Our bill would allow for the ban to sunset after 36 months in counties that had the positive CWD test, and 24 moths in the surrounding counties. The ban would start over if another positive test were to be discovered.

Another Reason for Reform

Between July 1st, 2016 and June 1st, 2017 the DNR has spent $1.9 million on travel/hotel expenditures associated with conferences and training.

The Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, The Grand Lodge Waterpark near Wausau, and the Heidel House Resort & Spa in Green Lake are just three of many overpriced vacation-conferences billed to the DNR.

It's time for reform.

Click here for the MacIver article. 

Chula Vista



Budget Spotlight: Private Bar Costs

The SPD (State Public Defender) only has so many public defenders to represent those who qualify for SPD services.

Overflow cases and cases in which staff attorneys may have a conflict of interest are assigned to private bar attorneys throughout the state.

These private bar attorneys are paid at a rate of $40 per hour for time spent related to a case, and $25 per hour for travel.

Base funding for private bar and investigator reimbursement is $21,210,400. The Public Defender has requested an additional $6,776,600 annually as a re-estimate of funding. 

How do you feel about all of this?


Wisconsin Supreme Court Stands With Property Owners

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, with a 4-2 vote, decided that a Lafayette County man, Robert Stietz deserves a new trial.

In 2012, DNR wardens entered Mr. Stietz’s property at dark with no warrant, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion that a crime was afoot. This led to an unfortunate encounter, during which Mr. Stietz and the wardens ended up in a short standoff after Mr. Stietz mistook DNR wardens for trespassers.

Mr. Stietz was charged with a variety of crimes but was only convicted of two. Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in his favor and will allow a new trial

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