January 26, 2018


Hometown Hero

This week at our Assembly Floor Session Representative Katsma and I nominated Roy Pirrung as Hometown Hero.  It was an honor to meet Roy and recognize his great accomplishments.  He works hard to be a community leader and inspiration.  His dedication to our area and to giving back to the community does not go unnoticed which is why Representative Katsma and I decided to nominate him to receive the Hometown Hero Award.

Committee This Week

Next week is very busy in the State Capitol so I'll be attending a lot of hearings and voting on bills. Check out the schedule below and as always feel free to check out Wisconsin Eye to watch some of them live.


Transportation Public Hearing, Joint Public Hearing, Executive Session

AB 555: relating to exempting motor vehicles that are at least 10 model years older from emissions testing.

AB 754: relating to vehicle weight limits, and permits for vehicles transporting certain loads, on certain state trunk highways in Ashland County and Vilas County.

AB 651: Relating to modifying Department of Transportation rules relating to human services vehicles

AB 717: relating to dealers of electric motor vehicles

AB 824: relating to distances between motor vehicles

AB 852: relating to denial, suspension, and revocation of certain licenses related to motor vehicle dealers.

Public Benefit Reform Executive Session and Public Hearing

AB 263: relating to incentive programs for counties and tribes that identify fraudulent activity in certain public assistance programs, removing inactive FoodShare accounts, expunging unused FoodShare benefits, limiting the number of FoodShare replacement cards, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and making appropriations.

AB 710: relating to criminal penalties for fraud in obtaining unemployment insurance benefits and providing a criminal penalty

Clearinghouse Rule 17-005: Relating to drug testing for participants in the FoodShare Employment and Training Program who are able-bodied adults.


Joint Public Benefit Reform Public Hearing

January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 1 Relating to: required hours of participation in the FoodShare employment and training program.

 January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 2 Relating to: statewide FoodShare employment and training program requirement for able-bodied adults

 January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 3 Relating to: asset restrictions on eligibility for FoodShare, Wisconsin Works, and Wisconsin Shares.

January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 4 Relating to: employment screening of and employability plans for residents in public housing.

 January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 5 Relating to: creating a pilot and permanent program for making periodic payments to eligible recipients of the earned income tax credit and making an appropriation.

 January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 6 Relating to: payments based on performance for Wisconsin Works and FoodShare employment and training program contractors.

 January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 7 Relating to: pay for success contracting, establishment of pay for success trust fund, and making an appropriation.

January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 8 Relating to: requiring child support compliance in the Medical Assistance program.

January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 9 Relating to: creation of a savings account program in the Medical Assistance program.

 January 2018 Special Session Assembly Bill 10 Relating to: photo identification cards for FoodShare recipients

Children and Families Informational Hearing and Executive Session

AB 776: relating to foster home licensing

AB 779: relating to grant to organization to provide referrals to community-based services and making an appropriation

AB 783: relating to a committee to study and make recommendations on the caseloads of child welfare workers

AB 785: relating to funding for child abuse and neglect prevention grants.

AB 787: relating to funding for grants to support foster parents and foster children and making an appropriation.

State of the State

Wednesday the Governor gave the annual State of the State Address to a joint legislature.  I am proud to stand behind the Governor as he shared all we have achieved.  We increased school aid to record high funding amounts, we zeroed out the state portion of the local

property tax bill, and we've worked hard to get people back to work.  That being said, there is still much more to do.  We will continue to work on welfare reform as the Governor has called a Special Session to address reform.  We have  record low unemployment rate at 3%, but we want to keep getting people back to work in good, family supporting jobs in their communities.  This is especially true in Sheboygan where we have so many good paying jobs open and are looking for employees.  I look forward to continuing this important work this spring session.

You can read a copy of the Governor's Speech here.

Listening Sessions

On Monday, January 29th Senator LeMahieu and I will be hosting listening sessions. I encourage you to attend, however if you are unable to you can always send your thoughts to Rep.Vorpagel@legis.wi.gov

Elkhart Lake Listening Session

12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Grasshorn Civic Center
84 N. Lake Street

Sheboygan Listening Session 

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
UW Sheboygan 
Wombat Room # 2114
1 University Drive

Wisconsin Restaurant Association Visits the Capitol

Thanks to constituents who visited me on Wednesday to discuss issues important to them as part of Wisconsin Restaurants Association's Lobby Day.  I'm always happy to have constituents in the office updating me on issues that are important to local businesses and the economy.





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