March 31, 2020


Vote Absentee!

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In-person absentee voting is now available through Friday, April 3rd at 5 PM. Be sure to check with your local municipality before you go, some have transitioned to voting by appointment only. The information and links below should help you figure out when you're able to vote early in each municipality. I have also reached out to municipalities in the district and encouraged them to make accommodations for early voting. You can also still request an absentee mail-in ballot here until 5 PM on Thursday, April 2nd. 

It is important to note that you still need to have a witness sign your absentee ballot. If you do not complete this step, your ballot is not valid. 

Participation in our elections is important as a foundation of our democracy. Encourage your family members, friends and coworkers to get out and vote! 


  • Glendale will now allow in-person voting by appointment only, and priority is given to people who need to register. Call 414-228-1702 to make an appointment. 


  • Absentee voting has been canceled at the Senior Center, but absentee voting at the Village Hall is still available. Follow the link above to find the dates & times

Brown Deer:

  • Brown Deer will now allow in-person voting by appointment only, call 414-371-3050 to make an appointment


Menomonee Falls:


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Many communities are in dire need of poll workers during this time. Typical poll workers for an election often fall into the Coronavirus vulnerable categories. If you would like to volunteer as a poll worker, please contact your local municipal clerk. 

The Federal CARES Act 

Congress passed and President Trump recently signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES). This was a large proposal that covered various topics. They range from direct payments to citizen taxpayers, to aid for small businesses and state governments. 

Some of the aspects of the bill are highlighted below:

  • Unemployment insurance (UI) claimants will be eligible for an additional $600 on top of the state's UI benefits for up to four months

  • UI benefits will be extended to many typically not eligible, like those self-employed

  • Taxpayers are eligible for checks up to $1,200 and checks for dependents up to $500

  • Payments on federal student loans may be suspended until September 30th, this includes any accrual of interest

  • Employers are eligible for a 50% refundable tax credit on wages paid up to $10,000 during the emergency

  • Creates a new forgivable SBA loan program for businesses affected by the shutdown

These are just a few examples of the items in the package recently approved. If you have more specific questions relating to the CARES Act, try using the links below to help you answer your question or contact my office directly and we will work to get you the information you need. This is a very fluid 

Tax Foundation Summary

National Law Review Summary

U.S. Senate Small Business Committee Resources

CARES Act Impact on Nonprofits

CARES Act Resources for Self-employed and Gig Workers

General CARES Act Summary

Student Loan Resources

Blood Donations Desperately Needed 

Right now, the Red Cross is experiencing blood drive cancellations like no other time in recent history and their inventory is at critical levels. Their sites are taking extra precautions to make sure giving blood is safe. If healthy please consider giving blood by calling 1-800-RedCross (73327677) or going to to find a blood donation location nearest you that is currently open by simply putting in your zip code.

We also have a local community blood bank, Versiti, where many of the area hospitals obtain their blood supply. They are still accepting donations, you can find out how and where to donate on their website. 

Local Dining Options 



Many of you have been looking for ways to support the local economy during these trying times. One easy way is to patronize the area bars and restaurants that are still providing service either through takeout or delivery. You can always purchase gift cards for later use as well. 

My office has been working on a list of area establishments that are still running and would greatly appreciate your business. If you notice that we've missed any restaurants on our list, please let us know. Click the picture above to view the list.