The Goyke Report - Sheriff Sale Reform Bills Passes State Assembly

January 24, 2018

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 Properties For Sale at Sheriff Auction

Residents of the 18th Assembly District know the problems that come with foreclosed homes.  These homes need new owners that will invest in our community.  Far too often these vulnerable homes are purchased by bad actors and cause problems for nearby residents.

The following homes are in foreclosure.  When AB 690 and 691 becomes law, these properties will be protected from being purchased by bad actors.  These bills hit close to home:


2319 N 44th. St


4634 W. Keefe Ave.










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Friends and Neighbors,


I hope you and your family are well! I wanted to provide you with an update on legislative activity here at the Capitol and initiatives I continue to work on for our community.  


The Sheriff Sale Fairness Package- two bills that aim to increase stability in our neighborhoods:


Assembly Bill 690: Online Auctions

This bill will allow counties to host or contract sales of foreclosed properties via Internet-based auction and will create an better environment for bidders to buy foreclosed properties. The increased number of bidders and competition will help drive up properties' values and help more families access the sheriff sale process.


Assembly Bill 691: No Sales to Bad Actors

This bill prohibits a sheriff sale auction buyer from acquiring a new property if the buyer is already more than 120 days delinquent on property taxes or building code judgments. This will stop delinquent landlords from taking advantage of the process.


Both bills passed the State Assembly yesterday without opposition.  The bills must now pass the State Senate and be signed into law by the Governor - I will continue to work until these bills become law.  Stay tuned for future updates on these important bills.


Lastly, to provide more news and daily updates, I post frequently on my official Facebook and Twitter pages. I hope it helps keep you informed.


Evan Goyke
State Representative
18th Assembly District











Rep. Goyke Takes a Stand Against Dishonest Landlords


Please click here to view the Journal Sentinel article


"We want to make sure that individuals are not using sheriff sales as a money-making scheme while neglecting to pay the debt they owe to our city and to our state."

 - Rep. Evan Goyke

Promise Fulfilled


The Legislative process isn't always fast and often requires a relentless commitment. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say.


I'm proud to have been that squeaky wheel on these bills for over a year. The story above first ran in December of 2016, when we began our work on AB 690 and 691.


The story behind the bi-partisanship is worth sharing:


Last year, I invited my colleague Representative Terry Katsma (R-Oostburg) to the 18th Assembly District. We walked my neighborhood. We went to a Sheriff Auction at the courthouse, sitting right next to a notorious landlord who owes thousands in taxes and was bidding on even more properties. We toured foreclosed and empty homes.


That day resulted in a commitment to working together. Rep. Katsma and I spent a year working with the City of Milwaukee and over two dozen groups to arrive at the best possible solutions. The results, AB 690 and 691, are bi-partisan bills that deliver a meaningful solution.


I'm proud of the relentless commitment to these solutions.


Hard work pays off.