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January 11, 2018

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Inmate 501



I created the publication, Inmate 501, to showcase the converging crises we are facing in the Wisconsin Prison system: the overcrowding adult population and a declining juvenile population. With this, I drafted three legislative solutions to address these issues. With bi-partisan support on meaningful criminal justice reform, we can begin to address the issues in a way that eases the burden on the Wisconsin prison system.


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Wisconsin Public Radio Interview


I was interviewed on Central Time on Wisconsin Public Radio regarding bi-partisan legislation I recently introduced on corrections reform and prison overcrowding. Please click here to read more and listen to the interview.


Rob Ferrett from WPR interviewed me on Corrections Reform Legislation along with my publication, Inmate 501


AB 791 Press Release


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At the Capitol


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Friends and Neighbors,


I hope you and your family are well! I wanted to provide you with an important legislative alert. 


First, I want to say thank you.  Thank you to all the neighbors who called, emailed, wrote in, attended meetings and rallies to call for action to close Lincoln Hills.  Our community spoke with loud persistence and made these coming changes possible.


At the end of last year, I conducted a policy briefing to the State Legislature to address the the converging crises in the Wisconsin prison systems: The rising adult population and declining juvenile population.


On January 4th, the legislation that I authored to adopt a smaller, risk-based regionalized juvenile corrections system similar to that of Missouri, as well as repurposing Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake into an adult facility was endorsed by the Administration. Assembly Bill 791 is included in a publication I created and presented to the Legislature in November entitled "Inmate 501". By repurposing Lincoln Hills and adopting a regional model, Wisconsin has taken an important step forward toward meaningful criminal justice reform- though there is still work to be done!


Evan Goyke
State Representative
18th Assembly District












Please click here to listen to Rep. Goyke interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio interview


"If New Jersey Republicans can figure this out, we can do it in Wisconsin. No state has done meaningful criminal justice reform with one party alone. This has been a bipartisan vote everywhere." - Rep. Goyke, January 4th 2017


Inmate 501---> Legislative SOLUTIONS!


Prison overcrowding costs us $23,000 a day or over $8 million a year.  Debate has begun on building a new prison, which is estimated to cost over $300 million.  These major costs can be avoided through smart criminal justice reform.  We can make our communities safer, while reducing incarceration at the same time.  Many states around the country have done this and we should follow their lead.  Here are three legislative proposals that I've introduced to begin meaningful criminal justice reform in Wisconsin:


Assembly Bill 791: Close Lincoln Hills and Repurpose as Adult Treatment Facility - This bill would accommodate the costs associated with modifying Lincoln Hills to become an adult treatment facility. Similarly, an appropriation is necessary for the creation of smaller, need-based or regionalized juvenile centers.


Assembly Bill 796: Crimeless Revocation Reform - This bill would limit the period of incarceration for "rules only" violations at 30 days, except under certain circumstances.


Assembly Bill 792: Expanding Earned Release - Good behavior should be incentivized and rewarded, but limited. Under this bill, an inmate may earn up to a 15% reduction of his or her person sentence based on the successful completion of programming or treatment that is evidence-based to reduce recidivism.


WKOW Interview

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"It is exciting that these innovative ideas are gaining support, however, the initiatives proposed today do not have to wait for the next Governor." -Rep. Goyke, January 4th 2017


Channel 3000 Interview


Rep. Goyke being interviewed in his Capitol office

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