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December 7, 2017

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Pictures From the Brief at The State Capitol

Rep. Goyke presenting Inmate 501

Rep. Riemer asking questions during Q&A portion of the brief

We had a packed house!


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Friends and Neighbors,


On Wednesday, November 29th, I gave a briefing entitled "Inmate 501" to the state legislature on the Wisconsin prison system. During the briefing, I outlined the converging crises we are facing: the steady growth of adults prisoners and the decline of juveniles in Lincoln Hills.


The presentation included an analysis of the State of Wisconsin’s correctional system, an examination of reforms adopted in conservative states across the country, and possible legislative solutions. Wisconsin is currently on an unsustainable path of prison growth and we must address this issue legislatively before resorting to throwing more money at the problem. I concluded the brief by introducing three pieces of legislation to stabilize Wisconsin's prison population.

I hope this e-update is helpful. For more information, please feel free to visit my page here. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (608) 266-0645. I welcome any feedback or ideas you may have. As always, please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.


Evan Goyke
State Representative
18th Assembly District



Inmate 501


The converging crises in Wisconsin's Prison System


The front cover of Rep. Goyke's Corrections handout


Inmate 501: The first prisoner in Wisconsin to be shipped out of state in over a decade


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 Adult Prison Overcrowding

Over the past few years, the prison population has increased. Wisconsin's prisons are designed to house about 16,000 inmates. Today they hold roughly 23,000. Cells that are built for one now hold two. Stories of three person cells and rooms housing six or more are not uncommon. This overcrowding reduces safety for inmates and prison staff. As the prison population has grown, the overcrowding has burst the seams of the institutions and overflowed to the county jail through the use of contract beds. Below, beginning in January of 2016, the DOC used roughly 50 contract beds- meaning Wisconsin's prisons were overflowing by 50 beds. Today, the DOC must send over 450 inmates to contract beds.


 Declining Juvenile Population at Lincoln Hills
When Lincoln Hills became the state's only juvenile facility for boys, the population was over 250. Over time, a clear and persistent decline in the number of boys incarcerated at Lincoln Hills is evident. Today, the population at Lincoln Hills is roughly 135. Unlike the adult prison system, each county pays for incarcerating juveniles. The current daily rate for a juvenile is $292 per juvenile per day. Due to the declining population, the 2018-2019 state budget increased the daily rate to $390 per juvenile per day in 2018.  Increased cost will further reduce the population, placing the long-term economic future of Lincoln Hills in jeopardy.



Rep. Goyke Calls For Criminal Justice Reform


Rep. Goyke briefing fellow concerned citizens on the converging crises in the WI prison system


The Legislation


These bi-partisan pieces of legislation will address two major challenges the Wisconsin prison system is currently facing:


The legislative briefing concluded with the introduction of three criminal justice reform bills.  Based on similar bi-partisan legislation passed in other states, the following three bills are designed to begin meaningful criminal justice reform in Wisconsin:


1.) LRB 4783: Close Lincoln Hills and Repurpose As Adult Treatment Facility

  • Repurpose Lincoln Hills as an adult treatment facility.

  • Juvenile prison system would be rebuilt with smaller, risk-based and regionalized facilities.


2.) LRB 0522: Crimeless Revocation Reform

  • Hold offenders accountable by imposing short jail sentences when "rules-only" or technical violations occur.  Reduce prison admissions for non-criminal violations.


3.) LRB 4858: Expanding Earned Release

  • Allow prisoners to earn time toward early release from confinement of prison upon completion of risk reduction programming like educational or vocational programs.

Rep. Goyke displaying an image of Lincoln Hills