Press Releases

  • Rep. Crowley Introducing Community-Police Relations Improvement Act “Recent deadly altercations involving police officers across the country and in our own backyard have sparked outrage and increased distrust of law enforcement in communities that already have strained relationships with law enforcement. "
  • Rep. Crowley Statement Regarding Republicans Attack on Free Speech “It amazes me that Wisconsin Republicans can support a bill aimed at protecting free speech by limiting free speech. Currently, there are already numerous laws on the books that protect free speech and punish those who are violent or disruptive.
  • MKE Delegation Letter to Gov. Walker on Sheriff Clarke Resignation Milwaukee County residents deserve a sheriff that represents their values and needs. For too long, residents have had an absentee sheriff more concerned with promoting a national political agenda than doing the job that he was elected to do.
  • Welcome to the Wild Wild Wis “Having heard the arguments for and against Senate Bill 169, I find it difficult to formulate any plausible reason why this bill is right for Wisconsin. It is hard to understand how a teenager has to demonstrate to the state that they possess the ability to operate a vehicle, while an adult wishing to carry a concealed weapon would not."
  • Great Day for Milwaukee, Bad Day for America “It is a good day for the residents of Milwaukee County but an equally bad day for our nation. Through the efforts of thousands of Milwaukee citizens, local and state officials, and advocacy groups like Voces De La Frontera, Sheriff Clarke faced warranted scrutiny and saw the best way to make Milwaukee great again was to jump ship.




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