Press Releases

  • Great Day for Milwaukee, Bad Day for America “It is a good day for the residents of Milwaukee County but an equally bad day for our nation. Through the efforts of thousands of Milwaukee citizens, local and state officials, and advocacy groups like Voces De La Frontera, Sheriff Clarke faced warranted scrutiny and saw the best way to make Milwaukee great again was to jump ship.
  • Hansen and Crowley Call for Public Hearing on Bill Requiring Pres. Candidates to Release Tax Returns “The continuing controversy over the President’s refusal to release his tax returns reinforces the need to pass this legislation,” said Crowley. “The public has a right to know if decisions made by a president are being made out of concern for what’s best for the nation or what’s best for their personal bottom line.”
  • Rep. Crowley Statement Regarding the Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 48 the “Blue Lives Matter” Proposal “I would like to acknowledge my sincere appreciation for the law enforcement profession and the thousands of men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve the community. Unfortunately, the bill that is before us today has little to do with ensuring the safety of our law enforcement officers and more to do with furthering the racial and political divide in Wisconsin.
  • Rep. Crowley Statement Regarding the Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 48 the “Blue Lives Matter” Proposal “Nationally, “Blue Lives Matter” has been a responsive effort pitted against the implication that police could do more to help communities of color. Moreover, the political and racial rhetoric associated with the stolen and replicated slogan, insinuates that blacks are responsible for law enforcement deaths.
  • Rep. Crowley Unveils Bill to Reform Solitary Confinement “The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoners states that the use of solitary confinement should be prohibited in cases of prisoners with mental disabilities. Unfortunately, here in Wisconsin and in much of the United States that is not the case.





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