Press Releases

  • Progressive Tax Reform Legislation Common Sense for Wisconsin “I am proud to stand today with my Democrats colleagues in sponsorship of this common sense tax reform legislation. Over the past three decades, wages for Wisconsin workers have remained stagnant, while the top 1% have reaped all the benefits
  • Letter to Governor Walker Demanding Response to Sheriff Clarke Removal On January 23, 2017 you received a letter that I authored, calling on you to remove Sheriff David Clarke from office. It has been 35 days since this request and I have yet to have received a response. Mr. Governor, the fact that in over a months’ time you have not responded to the request of a State Representative greatly concerns me.
  • Milwaukee Caucus Stands in Support of Day Without Latinxs, Immigrants, and Refugees “As citizens and elected leaders, we have a moral obligation to defend our neighbors from hate, discrimination, and violence. “Today, we stand arm in arm with our neighbors throughout the state in calling for Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to reject enrollment in the federal 287g program, which would change the mission of our deputies and have them focus on federal immigration.
  • Governor Walker Banking on Collective Wisconsin Amnesia “With his fourth budget proposal, Governor Walker kicked off his re-election campaign this afternoon, banking on a collective amnesia of Wisconsin residents. The Governor must believe that nobody is going to remember that it was his previous budgets that created the damage that he is now attempting to repair.
  • Rep. Crowley calls on Governor Walker to Remove Sheriff Clarke from Office The duty bestowed upon law-enforcement officers is to protect and serve. Unfortunately, that is not what the Sheriff of Milwaukee County is most concerned with. Today I call on you to remove Sheriff David Clarke from office for his willful neglect of duties, repeated inappropriate and incendiary comments, his promotions of violence, and use of intimidation against innocent civilians.





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