Press Releases

    • Criminal Justice Reform Must Include Reforming Bail Jumping “The bottom line is that these charges do nothing more to increase people showing up for their court dates than the use of bail modification or revocation.
    • Sen. Hansen and Rep. Crowley Introduce Legislation on Presidential Tax Returns “American citizens have the right to discern important financial information of those they are choosing to occupy the most powerful position in the world. The people deserve to know, with a high degree of confidence, that any decisions being made on their behalf are being done with their best
    • Blocking the Power of the People: Political Gerrymandering in the Supreme Court “I am incredibly disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision to remove itself from political gerrymandering cases. The 5-4 decision permits partisan legislators to continue to draw unfair maps and manipulate the very foundation of our democracy. This ruling was partisan and yet another indicator of
    • Juneteenth Day Milwaukee “Juneteenth is a day to celebrate African American freedom and achievement, encourage continuous self-development and respect for all cultures, and reflect on the history of slavery and the lives lost in the fight for equal rights.”
    • Representative Crowley Advocates for Census Preparation and Outreach “The U.S. Census is an essential tool to our democracy, however many fail to realize just how important it is. Data from the census is used to determine how federal dollars are allocated for many of Wisconsin’s essential social services and transportation programs. A low response rate in 2020 could


    • The Crowley Connect - August 2019 I introduced several bills, including legislation requiring the release of a presidential candidate’s tax returns and raising the tobacco purchasing age to 21. I also unveiled our Unlock the Vote package, which aims to restore voting rights to those previously incarcerated and to correctly count
    • The Crowley Connect The last few months have been busy for the state of Wisconsin, especially here at the Capitol. I have introduced a number of bills to the Assembly, including legislation relating to Automatic Voter Registration, to create safer roads in the City of Milwaukee, and to appropriate funds for Census prep




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David Crowley
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