Press Releases

  • Foxconn Vote: It’s Hard to be the Grown-Ups in the Room “Today I voted against the Foxconn legislation because somebody has to be the grown-up in the room. This proposed deal is comparable to playing the lottery instead of investing in your retirement. It is as reckless and irresponsible to the long-term success of this state as when Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature gave the federal government back $810 million in free money that would have created a transformational high-speed rail system.
  • Foxconn Fiscal Analysis Deeply Troubling for Wisconsin Taxpayers “Like all my fellow legislators, I know the importance of creating jobs here for the citizens of Wisconsin. However, I warn that this proposal could end in a reward that does not justify the size of the financial risk. This legislation thus must contain more guarantees concerning labor compensation, more claw back provisions, and a transportation addition to guarantee individuals in Southeastern Wisconsin the ability to get to these jobs.
  • Foxconn Hearing; Big Promises, Little Details, Lacks Transportation Plan “First, let me be clear: I support creating jobs in Wisconsin, for Wisconsinites. However, the legislative process surrounding this particular proposal is moving too fast for any of us to make an informed and accurate decision about whether or not to support the Foxconn legislative proposal put before us today
  • More Voices Present in Police Chief Selection “When there are concerns regarding public safety in the City of Milwaukee, not only the Police Chief and Mayor face criticism but also the members of the Common Council. The goal of this legislation in not to undermine the authority of the Police and Fire Commission or politicize the selection process, but to offer greater transparency to the community and shared responsibility among officials.




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