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  March 3, 2017



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Rep. Kooyenga meeting with local high school students to discuss issues relating to the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors.

  1. Town Halls – I will be holding two town hall meetings in March. The first meeting will be in Wauwatosa. The second will be in Brookfield with my colleagues Sen. Leah Vukmir and Rep. Rob Hutton. This is a great way to provide me with your feedback on the state budget, bills and other issues that matter to you. Here are the details:

             Wauwatosa Town Hall
             March 16th, 7:30pm
             Wauwatosa Public Library
             7635 W North Avenue

             Brookfield Town Hall
             March 21st, 6pm
             Brookfield Public Safety Building
             2100 N Calhoun Road

  1. Social Media – I like to engage on several social media platforms and would like to connect with you. You can visit my Facebook page or my Twitter page (@RepKooyenga) and leave me a message. Social media is a two way conversation so if you follow me, I'll follow you. I value your opinions and perspective. I am also on LinkedIn if you would like to connect with me there.
  2. Email – My office sees and reads all of your emails and works to respond in a timely manner. I also communicate with you through my E-Updates which is another way to share any thoughts and concerns.
  3. Call – The phone number in my office is 608-266-9180. My office will try to assist you as best as they can.
  4. Mail - I know not everyone is comfortable with email so this still remains a good way to communicate with my office. My office mailing address is PO Box 8952 Madison, WI 53708.
  5. Knock On Your Door – So far this year, I have knocked on over 100 doors and will continue to make my way around the district. If you are not home, I will leave a card for you with contact information so you can provide us with your thoughts and concerns.
  6. Joint Finance Committee Listening Sessions – These budget listening sessions are yet to be announced but are a great way to provide feedback on the state budget. These listening sessions are held throughout the state and usually last 8-12 hours so please be prepared to be patient. My office will publicize the dates, times and locations as soon as they are finalized.
  7. Public Testimony – If there is ever a bill in the legislature that you would like to testify in favor of or testify against, please let my office know so we can assist you. Coming to Madison to testify on legislation that matters to you, in favor or against, is an important part of the law-making process. Visit the Wisconsin Legislature’s web page to see the status of bills this session that you may have in interest in testifying on. You can also set up alerts on certain subjects, bills, authors, etc. through this page. My office will assist you in your effort to testify even if we disagree with your position.
  8. Site Visits – One of my favorite parts of being a legislator is visiting schools, businesses and not-for-profits in the district. I have done hundreds of visits since I was first elected. If you would like me to visit your organization please let me know and my office will work to coordinate the visit. With the budget process going on this spring, any visits will likely be following the completion of the state budget.
  9. At the Capitol – Wisconsin is blessed to have one of the most beautiful state capitols in the country. Please let my office know if you will be coming to the Capitol as it would be great to meet in person during your visit.

By law your written communications with elected officials are considered public records. I appreciate how many of you have opened up in the past, sharing your specific stories. While those details help me to understand your situation, if you do not want the public to know about your private matters, we would advise that you do not share such information with our office. All communications will be available to the public, upon specific request, as per the state's Open Records Law.

I am your Representative in Madison. I always look forward to hearing from you!