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September 5, 2019
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Steineke: Funding for Kaukauna Bridge Approved

MADISON – Funding for the Veteran’s Memorial lift bridge project was approved earlier today, following months of advocating from local officials and local representatives, Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) announced.

Though funding for the state transportation project was initially included in the WISCONSIN Budget, a line item veto sent local and state-level officials back to the drawing board. Through working with the administration, funding was made available via a newly formed $75 million Multimodal Local Supplement grant program.

“While the 80/20 split that our WISCONSIN Budget approved is the norm for state projects like this one, I am glad that we were able to work with Kaukauna city officials, members of the Fox River Navigational System Authority, and the administration to find this path forward, albeit with more twists and turns than I would have preferred,” said Rep. Steineke.

Following the United States Coast Guard’s order that the Veterans Memorial lift bridge be made operational by May of 2021, City of Kaukauna residents were put on the hook for the $2.2 million estimated cost of the project. For all intents and purposes, the bridge is fully operational for Kaukauna residents – many drive over the bridge daily. The lift component of the bridge that needs repairs, however, would be used almost exclusively for boat traffic in a state-managed transportation network.

“Forcing Kaukauna residents to exclusively fund a state project that would provide little to no services for them would be an unfair burden for the community,” continued Rep. Steineke. “From the start, my top priority has been to make sure we do right by Kaukauna taxpayers, and I am proud to say we have accomplished that goal.”