Republican Welfare Reforms Help 14,000 Adults Find Jobs

New FoodShare guidelines connect recipients with jobs and better pay

Madison – Last year Republicans passed new welfare reforms to help able-bodied adults on Wisconsin’s FoodShare program find meaningful employment. Just 15 months later, the results are overwhelmingly successful – more than 14,400 people have found jobs through the FoodShare Employment Training program, and wages and hours worked have both increased. 

“Once again, Wisconsin is paving the way in welfare reforms and finding long-lasting and successful solutions for those in need,” said Rep. Steineke. “The goal of the FoodShare Employment Training initiative was to remove the barriers that keep people from finding a job by setting them on a course of meaningful employment, which is exactly what we’re seeing now.”  

According to data released by the Department of Health Services, enrollments in the FoodShare Employment Training program have steadily increased since the guidelines were implemented in April 2015. The new guidelines require able-bodied adults, aged 18 to 49 and without children, to work or receive job training in order to receive FoodShare benefits. Those individuals must: work at least 80 hours per month; or participate in a state-approved training program for at least 80 hours per month; or work and participate in a training program for a combined 80 hours of work per month. Individuals who do not comply with the requirements for three months may no longer receive FoodShare benefits for 36 months. 

“Our investment in free educational courses, vocational training, and job-skill resources for able-bodied FoodShare recipients means that 14,000 more people are working and seeing their wages and hours increasing,” said Rep. Steineke. “I’m encouraged to see that so many people are using these resources and choosing to empower themselves through hard work. I look forward to continuing to see the positive results of these common-sense welfare reforms that allow anyone who wants a job to be able to find one.”