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June 14, 2017
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Rep. Steineke Votes Against Bureaucracy and Red Tape

MADISON – Assembly Majority Leader, Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna), voted in favor of Assembly bills today that will reign in Wisconsin’s agency-made rules and regulations and bureaucratic red tape.

“We currently have a system where unelected, unaccountable agency bureaucrats can make rules that carry the same weight as law,” Steineke said. “We need to make sure our administrative rules are held accountable to Wisconsin voters.”

Rep. Steineke voted in favor of the REINS Act, which will make several changes that will improve the transparency of the administrative rulemaking process. The bill allows the legislature to vote on, pause, or block agency-made rules that are costly or do not align with Wisconsin ideals.

Rep. Steineke also supported AB 317, which creates an expedited process to repeal rules that are no longer supported by law, known as unauthorized rules.

“The process for removing outdated rules is lengthy and ultimately wasteful,” said Steineke. “Cutting the red tape and getting antiquated rules off the books will mean ensuring we have rules that are fair and make sense for today’s needs.”

Red tape review and evaluating the rule-making process is part of the Assembly Republicans’ Forward Agenda.