January 26, 2017

Contact: Rep. Steineke: 608-266-2401

 Audit Shows There’s No Silver Bullet

 MADISON – Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) responded to the release of the nonpartisan audit of the Department of Transportation’s state highway program: 

“Wisconsin’s network of highways is the lifeblood of our state – helping connect employees with work, goods to markets and our children to their schools. That’s why it’s ever-critical that we work to maintain these roadways in a responsible fashion. The results of today’s Legislative Audit Bureau report (17-2) will help provide a way forward in better managing this program. 

“While there were a number of truly problematic items brought to light in this report, most notably in dealing with project cost estimates and performance measures, the fact remains; there is no silver bullet solution to our state’s transportation program woes. 

“Using the findings of this audit, I’m confident that new efficiencies within the DOT can and will be found. These efficiencies combined with the reforms Assembly Republicans will pursue, can give taxpayers comfort that their hard-earned dollars are not being wasted. However, the overall sum of these reforms and efficiencies alone will not make our transportation fund whole. That’s why, more than ever before, it’s important that all options remain on the table in our pursuit to reduce bonding and the delays of vital transportation projects.”