A Video Update from Rep. Steineke

Guest Column from Rep. Jim Steineke - Let’s Find a Long-Term Solution to Transportation Shortfall A strong transportation system is a lifeline for a successful and growing economy. Highways, railways, roads and bridges are an integral aspect to our everyday lives. We all know that transportation infrastructure needs constant upkeep though. As Assembly Republicans begin to work on the 2015-2017 state budget, one of the biggest challenges we are facing is a transportation fund that is short on money while projects keep accumulating.
Guest Column from Rep. Jim Steineke - State Budget Process Relies on Input from Everyone Every two years, the State Legislature passes a budget bill. It’s a two-year budget that is the single largest bill of the legislative session. It affects every state agency, project, employee, and taxpayer. Because of the importance of the budget bill document, there’s a lengthy process before it becomes law. In a nutshell, the budget is introduced by the Governor, referred to the Joint Finance Committee and approved, voted on by the Legislature and sent back to the Governor for final approval.
Rep. Steineke Statement on Governor Walker’s Budget Address “Tonight, Governor Walker presented the 2015-2017 State Budget to the Legislature. It is important to remember that when the Governor introduces the budget bill, it is an indicator of his spending priorities. Now it is the Legislature’s time to examine it carefully and make changes that reflect our priorities. It is my hope that the final budget bill is a plan that keeps our fiscal house in order while funding necessary responsibilities.”
Rep. Jim Steineke Encourages Nominations for the La Crosse Tribune/DNR Hunter Ethics Award Madison . . . Representative Jim Steineke (R – Kaukauna) is encouraging residents of the 5th Assembly District to nominate someone for the La Crosse Tribune/Department of Natural Resources Hunter Ethics Award.