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April 4, 2017
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Representative Steineke Votes to Expand Access to Healthcare

MADISON – Assembly Majority Leader, Representative Jim Steineke (R – Kaukauna), voted in favor of three Assembly bills today that will expand access to healthcare in Wisconsin.

“Supporting healthcare providers and providing them with flexible options to better serve different areas of Wisconsin was the bottom line of these bills. We’re working to give them the tools they need to deliver the best care to their patients,” said Rep. Steineke.

The bills would allow dental hygienists to practice without dental supervision in specific locations, provide guidelines and standards for Community EMS programs, and allow properly trained individuals to be prescribed an Epi-Pen.

“Something as simple as a bee sting can have deadly effects if left to its own devices. Allowing more people to access Epi-Pens will help decrease allergy-related deaths and emergency room visits, especially for our rural communities,” continued Steineke.

Bringing rural areas of Wisconsin more options when it comes to emergency services is highlighted in the Assembly Republicans’ Forward Agenda.