November 3, 2015
Contact: Rep. Steineke: 608-266-2401 

Rep. Steineke: Supports Public Benefit Reform Bills

Madison – Assembly Majority Leader, Representative Jim Steineke cast his vote in support of legislation that seeks to reduce fraud, waste and abuse in public benefit programs.  The state Assembly approved a package of bills to ensure that taxpayer-funded benefits are used to help individuals who are most in need. 

“Public benefits exist to help those who have fallen on hard times and need temporary taxpayer assistance,” said Rep. Steineke. “Assembly Republicans voted today to make sure that Wisconsin families who are in need of these important resources continue to have access, instead of individuals who are attempting to scam the system.” 

 Legislative audits have revealed that there have been tens of millions of dollars in overpayments in the FoodShare and unemployment insurance programs.

“Investing in fraud prevention efforts is a sensible way for state government to protect taxpayer dollars, and ensure the integrity of our public benefit system,” continued Rep. Steineke.

The package of bills include expunging unused FoodShare benefits after one year, reducing the number FoodShare replacement cards, placing a photo on FoodShare cards, and cracking down on intentional fraud of unemployment benefits.

The public benefit reforms were part of the Assembly Republican Forward Agenda last fall and a new standing Assembly committee was created to review potential changes. The four bills that were approved in the Assembly today now move to the state Senate for consideration.