February 18, 2016

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Rep. Steineke Applauds Bi-Partisan Vote on Wisconsin Cares Package


Madison . . . Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) issued the following statement in response to Assembly approval of the Wisconsin Cares Package, legislation drafted from the Speaker's Task Force on Alzheimer's and Dementia:

“Alzheimer's disease and dementia have affected far too many families. The impacts are devastating as family members are forced to watch their loved ones slowly slip away, losing them little by little over the course of months and many times years. Unfortunately, my family is no stranger to these issues. When I was growing up, it was my grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's. As a teenager, it was difficult to understand what was happening to her. It was especially hard to take when she could no longer recognize me and excruciating to see the pain my mom went through as she watched as her mother’s memories were ravaged by the disease. Then, in my thirties, we watched from afar as my aunt was afflicted by Alzheimer's. Today, it is becoming apparent that we will once again lose someone to this disease, but this time it's my mom.” 

“The proposals passed today are solutions derived from public hearings held throughout the state that will ensure better quality care while keeping costs under control. I would like to thank Task Force Chair Rep. Mike Rohrkaste (R-Neenah) for leading these efforts and appreciate the strong bipartisan support. The Wisconsin Cares Package represents just the beginning of the work we’ll continue to do in order to fight against these deadly diseases.”