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  • Joint Legislative Council
    The Legislative Council Staff does all of the following: (1) provides legal, scientific and other research services and administrative support services to Joint Legislative Council study committees and other legislative study committees; (2) provides nonpartisan legal counsel and scientific and analyst staff for the standing committees of the legislature and a number of joint statutory committees; (3) functions as the Rules Clearinghouse for review of all proposed administrative rules; and (4) responds to research and information requests from legislators, legislative staff, other governmental agencies and other state legislatures.
  • Legislative Audit Bureau
    The Legislative Audit Bureau is a nonpartisan legislative service agency created to assist the legislature in maintaining effective oversight of state operations. The bureau conducts objective audits and evaluations of state agency operations to ensure financial transactions have been made in a legal and proper manner and to determine whether programs are administered effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with the policies of the legislature and the governor. The results of these evaluations are provided to the legislature, along with recommendations for improvements in agency operations.
  • Legislative Fiscal Bureau
    The Legislative Fiscal Bureau develops impartial and nonpartisan fiscal information for the legislature.  One of the bureau's principle duties is to staff the Joint Committee on Finance and assist its members.  The bureau studies the state budget and its long-range implications, reviews state revenues and expenditures, and suggests alternatives to the committee and the legislature.
  • Legislative Reference Bureau
    The Legislative Reference Bureau provides nonpartisan legal, statutory revision, research, and library services to the legislature and the public. The bureau provides confidential bill-drafting services to the legislature and those designated by law; publishes the Laws of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Statutes, the Administrative Code and Register, the Wisconsin Blue Book, and other publications; and maintains a full-service legislative library.
  • Legislative Technology Services Bureau
    The nonpartisan Legislative Technology Services Bureau is the single point of responsibility committed to providing timely technology services and support for the Wisconsin Legislature and the bureaus that serve the legislature. To achieve this, we communicate effectively with our clients and business partners, we leverage our staff with state-of-the-art technology, and we empower our clients to become self-sufficient through relevant training and knowledge bases to fulfill their legislative responsibilities. Our staff provides a complete range of electronic communications capabilities. We also provide enterprise-level consulting in the areas of office automation, payroll and accounting, constituent database support, Internet access, bill drafting, statute production, administrative code, legislative document publication, and demographic and geographic analysis.