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Wisconsin Legislation — Previous Sessions

Acts, bills and resolutions, bill histories, and author and subject indexes are available for all proposals introduced in the 1995 Wisconsin legislative session to the present is available in one or both of the formats below:

Only Acts are available in electronic format prior to 1995. Acts from the 1983 through the 1993 sessions are available in Adobe Acrobat format only.

Wisconsin legislative sessions are referred to by the odd-numbered year in which the session starts. All bills introduced are named for the odd-numbered year of the legislative session regardless of whether they are introduced in an odd or even-numbered year, except for special session bills, which include the month the special session began in the title -- January 2002 Special Session Senate Bill 1, for example. There are no acts identified by an even-numbered year even though they may have passed in an even-numbered year.

Last revised 12/16/2011