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Hmong Resettlement

Compiled by Marian G. Rogers, June 2004
(Updated December 2009)

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Since the late 1970s, over 130,000 Hmong have been resettled to the United States. Hmong first resettled in Wisconsin in 1975-76; the state now ranks third in the nation for Hmong population. In a family reunification project beginning July 2004, Wisconsin may receive nearly 3,000 refugees from Wat Tham Krabok (WTK), Thailand. This list contains historical print as well as newer electronic resources.

The Educational Performance of Hmong Students in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, Incorporated, 1997. (373.6/W751f) Compares educational performance of Asian and Hmong students in six Wisconsin school districts. www.wpri.org/Reports/Volume10/Vol10no8.pdf

"For Hmong, a New Home." Brenda Ingersoll, Wisconsin State Journal, May 18, 2004. www.madison.com/wisconsinstatejournal/local/74542.php

Hmong Dictionary. This is the online version of the Hmong Dictionary called "Lus Hmoob Txhais" compiled and written by Jay Xiong. "The purpose of this web site is to promote the Hmong Language as well as the English equivalent translation." www.hmongdictionary.com/

The Hmong in Wisconsin: On the Road to Self-Sufficiency. Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, Incorporated, 1991. (326.3/W75) A study of the Hmong as a welfare-leaving population and a good history of resettlement. http://wpri.org/Reports/Volume 4/Vol4No2.pdf

Impact of Welfare Reform on Wisconsin's Hmong Aid Recipients. Institute for Wisconsin's Future, 1999. (361.4/In7c) "This report documents the continuing obstacles to employment and self-sufficiency facing Hmong W-2 participants."-p.ii. www.wisconsinsfuture.org/publications_pdfs/past_projects_pdfs/hmong.pdf

Language Access: Helping Non-English Speakers Navigate Health and Human Services. National Conference of State Legislatures, 2003. (326.5/N21) "The Hmong language has no word for cancer, or even the concept of the disease. `We're going to put a fire in you,' is how one inexperienced interpreter tried to explain radiation treatment to the patient, who, as a result, refused treatment. ... Language barriers are a contributing factor in health care disparities ... and in a lack of health insurance ..."-p.1. www.ncsl.org/documents/immig/languagesvcs.pdf

Limited English Proficiency Students in Wisconsin: Cultural Background and Educational Needs - Indochinese Students (Hmong and Vietnamese). Wisconsin Division for Instructional Services, 1982. (PubI Ins/l pt.2) (library use only) Pages 23-38: "Cultural Background and Educational Needs of Hmong Students." Also contains lists of selected readings and videotapes.

Linguistically Culturally Diverse Populations: African American and Hmong. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 1997. (373.6/W7b7/pt.1) A guide to help educators monitor assessment and evaluation as well as intervention strategies in general and special education.

"The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau." Roy Beck, The Atlantic Monthly, April 1994, v.273, no.4. (326.3/B38) Search the EBSCOhost database of magazines and journals through www.Badgerlink.net for the title of this article to read the full text onine.

"Trials of Transition: Wisconsin's 31,000 Hmong Reinterpret the American Dream." Jo Sandin, Milwaukee Journal, October 23, 1994, p.6-9+. (326.3/Sa5)

Wisconsin's Hmong Population: Census 2000 Population and Trends Report. University of Wisconsin Extension and Applied Population Laboratory, November 11, 2002. (UW/Ag RS/w/2002) (library use only)

Related Web Sites

www.appleton.org/departments/recreation/hmong - Appleton, Wisconsin, Hmong Community Information page.

www.uwex.edu/ces/hmong - Hmong Task Force and Hmong Educational Needs Assessment Project, University of Wisconsin-Extension. Detailed project summaries, along with focus insights for 10 Wisconsin counties. Includes streaming video by Katherine Bowie, Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies: "Integration of Culture," "Hmong in Laos," and "Hmong in Wisconsin and the U.S."

www.hmonghealth.org - Hmong Health Information Project. "The project is funded by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and managed by the Northern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NAHEC)."-Web page.

www.hmongihrw.org - Hmong International Human Rights Watch. Links to "Processing Procedures" and "F.A.Q.s" as well as press releases relating to Hmong human rights.

www.hndinc.org/ - Hmong National Development, Inc. A site rich with resources whose main focus is "... to ensure the full participation of Hmong in society."-Web page.

www.hmongstudies.org - Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center. A "... source of comprehensive information about studies of Hmong history, culture, and adaptation in diasporic communities around the world. The site also includes ... census data from the U.S. Census as well as bibliographies."-Web page.

http://dhs.wisconsin.gov/civilrights/LEPresources.htm - Limited English Proficiency Resources, Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/refugee/default.htm - Refugee Assistance Services Program Section, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. "This section is the single point of contact for refugee services in Wisconsin."

http://dpi.wi.gov/ec/echmaa.html - Hmong Mutual Assistance Associations, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

http://dhs.wisconsin.gov/international/index.htm - Refugee Health Program, Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

www.refugeesinternational.org - Refugees International. Search for: Hmong.

http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/hmresources.html and http://dpi.wi.gov/sped/pcrights.html - Special Education Training and Resources, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Resources include "An Introduction to Special Education" and "Special Education Rights for Parents and Children" in English, Spanish, and Hmong.

www.unhcr.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/home - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Leads international action to protect refugees and solve problems.

www.ursw.org/home.cfm - United Refugee Services of Wisconsin. Aims to help refugees become self-sustaining while retaining their cultural heritage.

www.wicourts.gov/services/interpreter - Wisconsin Court System Interpreter Program, Wisconsin Director of State Courts. To improve interpreter services and create a system for certification. "Interpreter Committee Report 2003": www.wicourts.gov/services/interpreter/docs/newsreport03.pdf

www.hmongnet.org - WWW Hmong Homepage. Since March 1994, this "...is a volunteer effort bringing together a collection [of] the Internet-based resources related to Hmong news and current-events, issues, history, publications, and culture."-Web page.


(Noncirculating; available for use in the library; clippings prior to 1981 are on microfiche)

  • Refugees; Hmong resettlement: 326.3/Z

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