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March 14

Scott Walker calls for state agencies to track open records requests, speed up response times - WSJ

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Special treatment or limited access: State policies spell out who can talk to the press - LT

Spotlight  dimming on disclosure - MJS

Many legislatures exempt themselves from record laws - MJS

Senator: High school athletic associations unlikely to face open records requirements - WSJ

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Grants would help college students facing emergencies - RJT

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Senate may ignore part of Walker’s college affordability plan - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Wisconsin bill would create ban on plastic bag bans - MJS

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Scott Fitzgerald defends inquiry into Madison, Dane County communications with Kraft Heinz - CT

UW faculty “bitterly disappointed” by Board of Regents’ new tenure policy - Isthmus

Wisconsin 36th in job growth, 6th in wage growth in third quarter of 2015 - CT

Wind power’s Wisconsin dry spell may be ending - MJS

Despite state snub, Madison makes room for Capitol Square bike lane - CT

Russ Feingold’s national profile powers fundraising, but out-of-state money rankles critics - WSJ

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley left oral arguments early - MJS

Anti-gay comments prompt national gay-rights group to jump in Supreme Court race - WSJ

Emotions run high after Rebecca Bradley’s tumultuous week - CT

Recall effort in Michigan intensifies pressure on Gov. Rick Snyder - NYT