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December 18

Critics blast bill to limit school budgets through referendums - MJS

School officials ask GOP lawmakers to scrap referendum bill - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 481

Bill would prevent Wisconsin lawmakers from lobbying for one year after leaving office - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 423

State officials backtrack on open records changes - MJS

State to revisit policy that allowed text messages to be treated as ‘transitory’ - WSJ

Ex-Walker cabinet members say they were told to avoid phones, email for important business - Wisconsin Public Radio

Problems with massive state IT project cause payments delays - MJS

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National consultant recommends several changes to improve WEDC - WSJ

Wisconsin ranks 32nd in latest job growth over five years - MJS

Dane County responsible for nearly 20 percent of state’s net job growth - CT

Walker’s office heard multiple warning about Lincoln Hills - MJS

Records show Scott Walker’s office notified about concerns at youth prison a year ago - WSJ

Newly abolished GAB settles lawsuit with Club for Growth - MJS

Wisconsin Club for Growth, GAB reach settlement in John Doe suit - WSJ

Federal judge dismisses voter ID challenge - WSJ

Federal judge leaves open challenge to state redistricting - MJS

Citizen’s guide to open government - APC

Controversial survey finds strong faculty support for tenure - WSJ

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Wisconsin appears likely to fall to Democrats in 2016 presidential election, political scientist says - Wisconsin Public Radio

December 17

Scott Walker signs bills on splitting GAB, campaign finance - MJS

Scott Walker signs bills dismantling GAB, overhauling campaign finance law - WSJ

Scott Walker signs campaign finance, GAB bills in private ceremony - CT

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 117 and Enrolled 2015 Assembly Bill 388

Wisconsin Senate committee advances bill allowing longer sentences for gang crimes - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 303

Exonerated prisoners push lawmakers to increase compensation - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 322

Democratic lawmakers call for jobs agency overhaul - Wisconsin Public Radio

Police reports detail abuse allegations at state’s youth prison - WSJ

Lincoln Hills youth had toes amputated after run-in with staff - MJS

Wanggaard rejects calls for Lincoln Hills hearing - RJT

Results of UW tenure survey released, but questioned - MJS

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Strike tests Kohler, Wis., and company sharing its name - NYT

December 16

Opposition mounts against GOP historic preservation bill - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 568

Bill banning ‘sanctuary cities’ in Wisconsin pulled from Tuesday hearing - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 450 and 2015 Assembly Bill 569

Wisconsin Public Records Board head: We didn’t change transitory records definition - CT

Related: Wisconsin Open Meetings law

What is this ‘obscure’ Wisconsin Public Records Board? - CT

Related: Wisconsin Statutes, Section 16.61

Assembly Democrats push for debt-free college study - CT

Mason, Democrats propose commission on debt free college - RJT

Related: 2013 Assembly Bill 498

Lawmakers look to increase compensation for wrongful convictions - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 322

Democrats call for hearing on alleged abuse at Lincoln Hills - WSJ

UW-Madison researchers sign letter opposing ban on fetal tissue research - WSJ

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Critics: State going backward on achievement gap - APC

Wisconsin’s racial achievement gap widens - APC

Democratic senator apologizes for reposting derogatory tweet - WSJ

Hansen apologizes after anti-Walker retweet - GBPG

2 DAs back away from bid to revive probe into Walker campaign - MJS

Despite fundraising help, no Walker endorsement for Cruz - Wisconsin Public Radio

December 15

Change in records policy not ‘substantive,’ board leader says - MJS

Open government group files complaint against public records board - WSJ

Bill revised to allow gender-neutral bathrooms in schools - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 469

Counties could raise sales taxes for road repairs under GOP bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Worker used as an example of problems not a civil servant - MJS

Democratic lawmaker says Republican-backed bills are an early Christmas gift to special interest groups - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 3882015 Senate Bill 294;

2015 Senate Bill 2922015 Assembly Bill 387

New Wisconsin licensing law expected to boost rural care - LT

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 116

Frac sand not likely to boom in near future - LT

State prison misconduct reports skyrocket - ON

Scott Walker makes list of top 10 education influencers as ‘Faculty Foe’ - CT

Ted Cruz solicits donations to pay off Scott Walker’s campaign debt - MJS

December 14

Bill would place inspectors in state agencies - ON

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 382 and Senate Bill 368

State battle on electronic records is latest in national trend - MJS

Open records groups file complaint over state policy change - MJS

City officials, property owners clash on Wisconsin landlord-tenant legislation - CT

Lawmakers look to end Wisconsin’s nuclear plant ban - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 384

New bill would allow excavation of burial mounds - WSJ

Kitchens is OK with booyah bill - GBPG

State outlines steps to ensure safety at Lincoln Hills - MJS

Scott Walker: DOC reviewing safety at all prisons in wake of criminal investigation at youth prison - WSJ

Scott Walker ‘I believe’ Lincoln hills juvenile facility is safe today - CT

Lincoln Hills staff: Change in discipline, consolidation led to loss of control of youth prison - WSJ

Former Lincoln Hills librarian: Management wanted to keep problems ‘on the down low’ - Wisconsin Public Radio

County pans bill shifting some 17-year-olds back to juvenile system - RJT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 378 and Senate Bill 280

Will Scott Walker support Trump if he’s the GOP nominee? ‘That’s a long ways off’ - CT