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December 11

Sponsors intend to revise tenant-landlord historic preservation proposals - WSJ

Dane County towns split on bill that would allow opt-out of county zoning control - WSJ

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Lawmaker asked corrections officials in March about problems at youth prison - WSJ

FBI joins wide-ranging probe at Lincoln Hills - MJS

Questions, answers about text messages, visitor logs and other Wisconsin open records issues - CT

Booyah! This Northeastern Wisconsin tradition could become the official state soup - CT

Booyah heading toward official status - GBPG

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Russ Feingold, state Rep. Chris Taylor push paid time off for families - CT

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WEDC sets up trade venture to Germany during industrial tech trade show - MBJ

UW Regents expected to affirm commitment to academic freedom - MJS

December 10

Proposed state legislation would devastate historic preservation, critics say - WSJ

Landlord-tenant bill draws concerns from city officials throughout Wisconsin - CT

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Republican legislators revive zoning change that would impact Dane County - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 563

Board’s records action appears to have violated open meetings law - MJS

Panel OKs bill lifting nuclear moratorium - APC

Abuse, misconduct, intimidation at center of sweeping investigation of Wisconsin juvenile prison - WSJ

Lincoln Hills probe focuses on sexual assault, abuse, misconduct - MJS

Deer hunting and management figures prominently at DNR board meeting - Wisconsin Public Radio

Republican Sen. Darling announces plans to run again - MJS

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker hints at run for a third term - WSJ

Addressing WMC’s ‘Future Wisconsin Summit,’ Scott Walker hints at third term as governor - CT

Is Wisconsin’s John Doe investigation really over now? What you need to know - CT

December 9

Bill would permit closing all tax-subsided land, more cutting of state forests - WSJ

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Managed forest bill gets tepid reception at hearing - WSJ

Wisconsin Democratic lawmaker joins national push for debt-free college - CT

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Lawmakers in ten states push for debt-free college - Time

Walker signs legislation expanding use of heroin overdose drug - MJS

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Agents continue assault probe at juvenile offender school - MJS

At least 10 youth prison workers already on leave - WSJ

Union officials: Management is to blame for violence at school for young offenders - Wisconsin Public Radio

Gov. Walker highlights workforce development at LADCO banquet - LT

Minnesota, Wisconsin diverge as Twin Cities outpace Northern peers - MJS

Wisconsin’s health care system ranks relatively high - MJS

Attorney general won’t intervene in John Doe case - WSJ

December 8

Quiet change in public records policy could shield messages - MJS

Scott Walker says he saves all of his state business-related text messages - WSJ

Ex-DNR officials complain about enforcement under Walker - MJS

Ex-DNR officials say state leaders endanger water quality - WSJ

Dems groundwater bill ‘political stunt’ says GOP lawmaker - Wisconsin Radio Network

Agents raid school for juvenile offenders amid secret probe - MJS

Admins removed amid DOJ investigation into ‘mistreatment of youth’ at state juvenile facility - WSJ

Scott Walker: ‘Don’t believe’ staffing shortages a factor in investigation of juvenile facility - CT

WEDC considering policy for referring fraud to law enforcement - WSJ

Report: Overall state contracting rose in fiscal year 2015 - WSJ

UWM faculty demand closing gap in funding with UW-Madison - MJS

Region’s schools continue to see enrollment declines, new report says - MJS

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As deficit looms in Wisconsin, Minnesotans fighting over how to spend $1.9 billion surplus - CT

Solid growth forecast for Wisconsin in 2016 - GBPG

Gun sales catching fire again across state, nation - MJS

December 7

Scott Walker administration finding new way to deny public records - WSJ

Legislation on child abuse reporting draws concerns from Dane County social workers - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 324

Ex-officials: Harsher discipline existed for sex-on-the-job case - MJS

State’s handling of workers caught in workplace sex doesn’t match Scott Walker’s account - MJS

Policies for transgender students new frontier for schools - WSJ

District makes progress on transgender policy - ON

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 469

Paris climate debate reflected in Wisconsin divisions - MJS

Bills pile up for shooting victims, society - GBPG

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 109 and 2015 Assembly Bill 274

Lawmakers push abuse prevention education - ON

No full tally for prosecutor’s probe of Scott Walker campaign - MJS

Rebecca Bradley argued on contraception bill - MJS

Judges never evaluated, rarely challenged - ON

3 judges have majority of cases reversed - ON

Report: Wisconsin ahead of the curve in preventing assault of youth inmates - Wisconsin Public Radio

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