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November 13

On road funding, GOP lawmakers say they’re ready for a real fix - WSJ

Accidents tick up after speed limit increases to 70 mph - MJS

Assembly committee considers driver license revocation bill - WSJ

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Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats mull changes to embattled WEDC - CT

Wisconsin Democrats call for tougher corporate fraud penalties - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker supporters get a fundraising pitch — from Ben Carson - CT

Paul Ryan expects protracted, unpredictable GOP race - MJS

November 12

Assembly speaker says he’s receptive to overhauling WEDC - WSJ

Dems: WEDC failed to heed warning signs with Oscar Mayer - Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker signs bill boosting prison time for felons possessing guns - MJS

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Scott Walker signs bill that makes ‘upskirting’ photos a felony - WSJ

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Pat Roggensack praises Shirley Abrahamson’s tenure as chief justice - WSJ

Chief justice tells judges she’ll fight for higher salaries - WSJ

UW-Madison rewarding 20% of faculty with merit and market-based raises - MJS

Is Wisconsin doing enough about CWD? - MJS

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Republican presidential candidates debate in Milwaukee as Scott Walker looks on - CT

Carly Fiorina: U.S. should follow Scott Walker in building a ‘meritocracy’ - WSJ

Marco Rubio steps into Scott Walker’s presidential space in Wisconsin - CT

Scott Walker’s presidential campaign manager gets new job - MJS

November 11

Immigration, minimum wage, economy dominate GOP debate - MJS

Republican debate marked by key policy clashes - MJS

Scott Walker unlikely to endorse in GOP presidential primary but doesn't rule out VP - WSJ

Scott Walker declines to give timeline for endorsing a GOP candidate - MJS

Scott Walker urges GOP candidates to stress action, not words, in debate - WALLSJ

Scott Walker’s advice to GOP field: Show you can get things done - WALLSJ

Scott Walker: “R” means reformer, not just Republican (Video) - WALLSJ

Rand Paul says he would lift income caps on voucher schools - MJS

Lawmakers want to revoke drunken drivers’ licenses - WSJ

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Wisconsin Republican leader pushes to study feasibility of tolling in Wisconsin - CT

Top GOP lawmakers might rebrand troubled jobs agency - MJS

Scott Walker ‘very interested’ in helping create Madison public market - WSJ

Wisconsin lawmakers introduce rail safety bill in wake of two derailments - LT

In wake of derailments, lawmaker proposes new rail safety regulations - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Evidence shows oil pipelines are safer than trains, experts say - Wisconsin Public Radio

November 10

Scott Walker is a diminished figure – except in the state he governs - WaPo

Wisconsin reflects GOP’s vigor and its vulnerabilities - MJS

Gov. Scott Walker gets up, dusts off and drops in on presidential race - AP via

Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush bring their campaigns to Wisconsin - MJS

Rubio, Bush appear to court Scott Walker ahead of Wisconsin debate - NBC News

Jeb Bush praises Scott Walker, school choice in Waukesha - MJS

Once rivals, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker reunite to talk about school choice - WaPo

Hoping for his backing, Jeb Bush meets with a cautious Scott Walker - NYT

The Scott Walker primary comes to Wisconsin - Politico

Scott Walker makes first post-dropout appearances with presidential candidates - WaPo

Why Scott Walker is grabbing the spotlight before Tuesday’s debate - ABC News

Democrats hit Republicans on eve of Milwaukee’s GOP debate - MJS

Republicans to hit Feingold in debate ads - ON

Lawmaker proposes free sanitary napkins in state buildings - MJS

Women’s bathrooms in schools, state buildings would be stocked with tampons under bill - WSJ

State-by-state integrity probe gives Wisconsin a ‘D’ grade - WSJ

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Shirley Abrahamson drops suit in attempt to regain chief justice post - MJS

Shirley Abrahamson drops lawsuit to regain chief justice title - WSJ

Judge criticizes proposed changes to GAB - ECLT

In wake of Oscar Mayer closing, Paul Soglin wants state to help pay for public market - WSJ

Sen. Tammy Baldwin calls for federal investigation into some WEDC loans - WSJ

Prison guards drop lawsuit on pay issue - MJS

November 9

Senate passes amended campaign finance bill at midnight, GAB bill at 2:30 am - WSJ

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Wisconsin Senate approves bills reshaping campaign finance, election oversight - CT

Senate GOP votes to overhaul campaign finance, revamp board - WSJ

GOP lawmakers reverse course, balk at campaign donor reporting - MJS

Senate approves major rewrite of state campaign finance law - WSJ

Senate OKs longer minimum sentences for some firearm cases - MJS

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Kraft Heinz will seek buyer for Madison Oscar Mayer facility WSJ

Scott Walker says he’ll do ‘everything we can’ to keep Oscar Mayer jobs in Wisconsin - CT

Turnover at WEDC continues with 3 vice presidents announcing departure last week - WSJ

Scott Walker looking for $1,000 donations to pay back presidential campaign - CT

Scott Walker asks supporters for help in paying off campaign debt - MJS

Scott Walker asks supporters to help pay off his campaign debts - WaPo

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Marco Rubio asked Scott Walker to endorse him - Politico

Vos leads group backing Rubio - RJT

Debates already becoming game-changers – for better or worse - MJS

Sheriff David Clarke helps Justice Rebecca Bradley with fundraising - MJS

Bloomberg ads target Brad Schimel, other AGs on emissions lawsuit - MJS

Wisconsin’s century-old model of forestry comes under pressure - MJS

Enbridge mapping possible ‘twin’ of major tar sands line through Wisconsin - WSJ

Safe, clean drinking water eludes many in state - APC

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