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October 16

State ends fiscal year with $135 million in bank - MJS

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Budget panel OKs oversight over state worker health benefit changes - WSJ

Lawmakers give go-ahead to new $180 million DOT headquarters - MJS

Finance committee gives final OK to new Hill Farms state office building - WSJ

Bill dissolving elections board advances - WSJ

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Political donors would not have to ID employer under bill - MJS

Tempers flare as lawmakers take on campaign finance bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Peter Barca says the era of clean government is over in Wisconsin - CT

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UW-Madison professor says campus carry bill causing ‘tremendous anxiety’ - CT

Vos says he’s OK with concealed weapons in UW buildings - Wisconsin Public Radio

How guns on campus became a live issue in Wisconsin - Chronicle of Higher Education

Interactive: State aid to schools - WSJ

Grieving father urges lawmakers to reform medical malpractice laws - MJS

Bill loosens restrictions on malpractice lawsuits in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Public Radio

Limits to exotic pets in Wisconsin loom - APC

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Walker touts workforce development at Bangor business - LT

Scott Walker raised about $7.4 million in run for president - WSJ

Scott Walker’s presidential campaign faces $1 million deficit - MJS

Scott Walker’s campaign spent $6.4 million on his 70-day run for president - WaPo

Scott Walker’s heavy spending lands campaign in red - WALLSJ

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These two charts explain why Scott Walker dropped out - TIME

Scott Walker faces tough task in repaying presidential campaign debts - MJS

Campaign reports: Russ Feingold raises $1 million more than Ron Johnson - MJS

October 15

Lawmakers ask for open meetings investigation of GAB - MJS

9 Republicans ask AG to look into whether GAB violated open meetings law - WSJ

3 Democrats counter with bill banning weapons on Wisconsin campuses - MJS

Democrats propose banning guns outright on college campuses - WSJ

UWGB reacts to concealed carry idea - GBPG

Local reactions divided over campus concealed carry proposal - LT

A university debates how to carry out a divisive guns-on-campus law - Chronicle of Higher Education

State would allow development on property replacing DOT building - MJS

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Warrants allege Green Bay businessman defrauded WEDC for more than $1 million - WSJ

AP interview: Bradley says she won’t coordinate with groups - WSJ

Chippewa win approval of night deer hunts starting Nov. 1 - MJS

Scott Walker says he won’t run for president again as governor - WSJ

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Scott Walker: I’m not going to whine, but… - APC

Marco Rubio looks for funds from former Walker donors - WALLSJ

Kansas voter ID law sets off new battle over registration - NYT

October 14

Lawmakers clash on GOP elections, campaign finance bills as they speed toward passage - WSJ

Lawmakers clash on campaign finance law, dismantling the GAB - MJS

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Analysis: Change to campaign donation limits would mostly benefit Republicans - WSJ

GOP scratched tripling campaign limits - APC

Legislative hearing mulls dissolving state election board - LT

Once a symbol of bipartisanship, Government Accountability Board targeted for overhaul - Wisconsin Public Radio

Legislative panel advances fetal tissue bill - MJS

Bills targeting fetal tissue research, Planned Parenthood advance in Senate - CT

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GOP bill would allow concealed guns in Wisconsin college buildings - MJS

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Scott Walker mum on whether he supports concealed carry at colleges - WSJ

Reaction swift at UW-Madison to bill seeking to revoke campus gun ban - CT

Wisconsin Democrats push back on bathroom bill aimed at transgender students - CT

School district refuses to let transgender student use locker room, defying federal officials - WaPo

Gov. Scott Walker taking no side on asking state applicants about convictions - MJS

Abuse legislation draws guarded support from child advocates - MJS

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Legislator said agreement not close on high-capacity wells - MJS

Bill to settle state’s water war falls short in everyone’s eyes - WSJ

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Vos, Steineke talk OWI, open records, civil service - GBPG

Bills targeting opiate abuse get Senate approval - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Budget cuts lead DOT to delay projects - LT

Sand mining operations to cut 47 jobs - LT

New rule highlights tech ed programs - RJT

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Gov. Scott Walker says he raised “a lot of resources” for presidential run - MJS

Jury finds for wounded officers in Badger Guns lawsuit - MJS

October 13

Lawmakers to take up bills on campaign finance, election oversight - MJS

Critics say campaign finance overhaul empowers outside groups, legislative leaders - WSJ

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Democrats jump ship on bill that would allow Wisconsin voters to register online - WSJ

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UW-Madison student Democrats and Republicans want a student ID that works at the polls - CT

Key GOP senator halts civil service bill over crime record question - MJS

Dispute over whether to ask applicants about criminal record cancels vote on civil service bill - WSJ

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Campus carry: GOP lawmakers want to allow concealed weapons in public college buildings - WSJ

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Lawmakers stress need for Planned Parenthood, care access, fetal tissue research - LT

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Funding change jeopardizes program boosting day care for poor - MJS

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Budget co-chairs rake in big bucks - APC

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Bradley sworn in as Wisconsin Supreme Court’s newest justice - MJS

Rebecca Bradley registered ’justice’ website before appointment to Wisconsin Supreme Court - WSJ

Marco Rubio headed to Wisconsin - ON

State reimburses communities for scrapped GTAC mine - Wisconsin Public Radio

Trial in Wisconsin tests gun store’s judgement on illegal sales - NYT

October 12

Scott Walker names Rebecca Bradley to Supreme Court - MJS

Scott Walker dismisses political concerns, appoints Rebecca Bradley to Supreme Court - CT

Scott Walker’s foreign trade missions cost taxpayers $150,000 - MJS

Scott Walker’s campaign rings up $125K in security costs through June - WSJ

Governor tours labs at Stout - Chippewa Herald/Dunn County News

Walker touts workforce development at Bangor business - LT

Vos: GAB is failed experiment - WISN-TV (Milwaukee)

Kennedy: Wrong time to change GAB - WISN-TV (Milwaukee)

Bill would let parents sue if adult child dies up to age 27 from medical error - MJS

Bicycling advocates renew push for ‘vulnerable user’ law - MJS

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Lawmakers introduce bills to lift state’s nuke ban - LT

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Northeast Wisconsinites: Legalize medical marijuana - APC

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Regents give UW-Madison OK to enroll more out-of-state students - WSJ

As cost to attend UW-Madison rises, concerns about access grow as well - WSJ

Wisconsin Assembly speaker, others endorse Rubio - RJT

Vos to be co-chair of Rubio campaign - RJT

Chris Larson to announce challenge of Chris Abele on Monday - MJS

California law will automatically register drivers to vote - NYT

For Alabama’s poor, the budget cuts trickle down, limiting access to driver’s licenses - NYT