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October 9

Scott Walker to legislators: Borrow more to keep road projects on pace - WSJ

DOT delays work on dozens of projects; Scott Walker wants more funding - MJS

Scott Walker says Supreme Court appointment coming soon - MJS

Scott Walker appoints Rebecca Bradley to Supreme Court - WSJ

Scott Walker to name Rebecca Bradley to Supreme court, source says - MJS

Regents committee approves UW-Madison plan to lift limits on out-of-state students - WSJ

Wisconsin Senate panel hears testimony on student loan debt refinancing bill - CT

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Scott Walker open to bathroom gender mandate - WSJ

Gov. Scott Walker wants clearer rules on bathrooms for transgender students - MJS

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2nd bill aims to ease rift over high-capacity wells - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 291

Bill would make it a felony to spit on a prosecutor - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 357

Parole agents would be allowed to carry guns under new bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 360

Lawmaker: “Dirty secret” put brakes on Wisconsin DUI legislation - CBS News

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 353352266, and 363

Consumers drug costs vary widely in Wisconsin, report says - WSJ

State gets millions despite spending audit - ON

Marco Rubio coming to Wisconsin for Robin Vos fundraiser - WSJ

Longtime railroad commissioner Rodney Kreunen is dead - WSJ

October 8

GOP bills would hike contributions, split GAB into two agencies - MJS

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Republicans propose splitting Government Accountability Board into elections, ethics commissions - WSJ

GOP proposal rewrites state’s campaign finance laws - WSJ

GOP proposal would split Government Accountability Board into separate elections, ethics commissions - CT

Republican bill would significantly reshape Wisconsin’s campaign finance law - CT

GOP seeks return to partisan ethics, elections boards - Isthmus

GAB chair blasts conservatives on Wisconsin Supreme Court - Wisconsin Public Radio

Senate panel to take up student loan refinancing, scholarships - MJS

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 194

Students, professors question plan to lift out-of-state student cap - WSJ

End of cap would put UW-Madison on path of other flagships - MJS

2 GOP legislators seek law mandating gender-specific school restrooms - MJS

Rep. Jesse Kremer says his bill to place gender restrictions on school bathrooms will increase safety, dignity - CT

GOP lawmakers want gender restrictions in school bathrooms - ON

School bathroom bill aimed at transgendered students at odds with Madison schools policy - CT

Green Bay schools quiet on transgender bill - GBPG

Walker signs bill to aid communities when power plants close

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 252

State, local officials bask in Amazon’s glow - Kenosha News

A closer look at Sen. Ron Johnson’s re-election challenges - MJS

How Dodd-Frank hurts governors in the money primary - The New Yorker

October 7

Civil service bill has momentum with first hearing - MJS

GOP defends, Democrats question integrity of hiring under civil service bill - WSJ

Civil service bill supporters say it will strengthen system - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 285

Mandela Barnes introduces ‘The Marty Bill’ to create office of Civil Service - CT

Republican lawmakers’ plans for Government Accountability Board to be unveiled today - WSJ

Scott Walker asks Senate Republicans for more road borrowing - MJS

Scott Walker urges GOP to borrow $350 million more for roads - WSJ

Bill would give abuse victims right to advocates, toughen neglect laws - MJS

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GOP lawmakers seek gender restrictions on school bathrooms, locker rooms - WSJ

Anti-drunk driving bill: ‘Enough is enough’ - GBPG

GOP staffers head to new nonprofit in advance of elections - WSJ

Test scores under Common core show that ‘proficient’ varies by state - NYT

October 6

Civil service overhaul has momentum going into first hearing today - MJS

Wisconsin civil service bill critics cry foul over lengthy lunch break during Senate hearing - CT

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Report: UW-Milwaukee dipped deeper into reserve funds than UW-Madison - MJS

Report: UW tuition balances shrink in 2014-15 - WSJ

UW-L adapting to changing financial conditions - LT

Wisconsin ‘Higher Ed, Lower Debt,’ student refinancing bill set for Wednesday hearing - CT

Related: Hearing Notice and 2015 Senate Bill 194

Gov.: Education funding hike possible to meet job demands - ECLT

Cost of delaying road projects pegged at $160 million - MJS

GAB overhaul expected to be introduced this week - Wisconsin Public Radio

Three request appointment to state Supreme Court - MJS

2 judges, lawyer apply for Wisconsin Supreme court vacancy - WSJ

State ordered to pay nearly $245,000 in protester lawyer fees - WSJ

Opponents ask court to relax Wisconsin voter ID requirements - MJS

U.S. Supreme court won’t hear appeal from ex-Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch - MJS

California governor signs assisted suicide bill into law - NYT

October 5

Scott Walker’s presidential race exit might propel conservative agenda - MJS

Diminished by White House bid, can Scott Walker bounce back? - MJS

Scott Walker, Legislature altering Wisconsin’s way of protecting natural resources - WSJ

DNR investigating unauthorized path improvements on state land - MJS

Republicans, Democrats spar in TV interviews on proposed changes to civil service - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 285 and video

Fetal tissue bills like Wisconsin’s are targeting research in at least five states - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 305

Planned Parenthood critics have new target - universities - Politico

A federal court is reviewing Wisconsin’s admitting privileges law. Here’s what you need to know - CT

Related: 2013 Wisconsin Act 37

New law will help local government budgets after power plant closures - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 335

Fighting heroin in Wisconsin - Chippewa Herald/Dunn County News

Walker pushes back against calls for tighter gun control laws - MJS

Wisconsin lawmaker defends comments about shooting at Oregon college - MJS

Walker stops short of defending ex-presidential campaign manager - MJS

GOP candidates ignore Scott Walker’s plea to trim presidential field - MJS

With Scott Walker’s exit, Wisconsin is open for business for other GOP presidential candidates - WSJ

Wisconsin Supreme court race could be referendum on Walker - WSJ

Longtime AFSCME council 24 leader Marty Beil dead at 68 - MJS

Prominent state labor leader Marty Beil dies - WSJ