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September 25

Assembly passes measure cutting taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood - MJS

Assembly passes bill taking away Planned Parenthood money - WSJ

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding - CT

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Scott Walker backs GOP plan to overhaul civil service system - MJS

Republicans plan to overhaul state’s century-old civil service system - WSJ

Assembly passes measure allowing school board president to fill vacancy - RJT

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“Also ran” candidates retain clout - APC

Baldwin would beat Walker in 2018 Senate race, conservative activist says - Wisconsin Public Radio

September 24

Scott Walker commits to finishing term, passing on cabinet post - MJS

Scott Walker’s spokeswoman says he will serve out his term as governor, has no interest in Cabinet job - WSJ

6 reasons why Scott Walker’s campaign collapsed - MBJ

Walker’s campaign manager unloads - Politico

Why Scott Walker lost - Politico

Scott Walker apologizes to donors, saw no hope of righting campaign - WALLSJ

Assembly to consider stripping Planned Parenthood of more funding - MJS

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Disabled, elderly concerned about state changes to Family Care, IRIS - WSJ

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DNR board tables sale of lakefront land to Walker donor - MJS

DNR delays decision on land sale to Walker donor - WSJ

Bucks will break ground on arena in November, owners say, but when will real work begin? - MBJ

Wisconsin Democrats propose automatic DMV voter registration - Wisconsin Public Radio

September 23

With Scott Walker back to work in Wisconsin, focus returns to what’s next for state - WSJ

What now? Scott Walker returns to Wisconsin after failing on the national stage - CT

After exit, Walker aims to restore relationships at home - LT

Gov. Scott Walker goes back to his day job - NYT

Analyst: Walker’s post-campaign agenda unclear - Wisconsin Public Radio

Final hours: Scott Walker, inner circle realized money not there - MJS

Walker’s strategy, performance haunt ruins of a campaign - MJS

Why Scott Walker’s campaign failed - NYT

Scott Walker’s dismal finish is a fitting result, old foes say - NYT

The emergency meeting that led Walker to quit - Politico

Inside the collapse of Scott Walker’s presidential bid - WaPo

Scott Walker’s exit puts a focus on fickle GOP electorate - WaPo

Jeb Bush nabs a Scott Walker surrogate in Virginia as candidates woo new supporters - WaPo

Scott Walker’s exit benefits Marco Rubio’s campaign - USA

Candidates weigh in on Walker’s exit - APC

So much for Super PACs - The Atlantic

WEDC awards increase as job creation numbers fall - WSJ

Robin Vos: Assembly lacks votes for current fetal tissue bill - MJS

Wisconsin Senate committee considers bills targeting fetal tissue research, Planned Parenthood - CT

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Things to know about Wisconsin GOP’s fetal tissue ban bill - WSJ

WARF opposes fetal tissue ban as Senate committee hears testimony on bill - CT

State Supreme Court honors Justice N. Patrick Crooks - MJS

Fellow justices mourn state Supreme Court N. Patrick Crooks - WSJ

September 22

Campaign woes prompt Scott Walker to drop out of race - MJS

Scott Walker ends presidential campaign, rues GOP race that has “drifted into personal attacks” - WSJ

Scott Walker drops out of presidential race, encourages others to follow his lead - CT

Report: Scott Walker to announce he’ll drop out of presidential race Monday in Madison - CT

Scott Walker ends his 2016 presidential run - NYT

Timeline of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign - NYT

Scott Walker steps down, but not without aiming a final insult at Donald Trump - MBJ

Scott Walker, an early contender, makes surprise exit from 2016 race - WaPo

Walker drops out of presidential race - APC

Scott Walker looked like a follower, not ready for prime time, experts say - WSJ

Scott Walker quits after blowing through campaign cash - Politico

Timeline: The ups and downs of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign - WSJ

A closer look at Scott Walker’s collapse - MJS

Scott Walker must work now to repair image in state, analysts say - MJS

After Walker drops out, what’s next for Wisconsin? - APC

Scott Walker’s shocking exit: A tipping point in the Republican primary? - Bloomberg

Scott Walker’s demise shows limits of ‘super PAC’ money model - NYT

Jeb Bush gains support of Richard Graber, longtime Wisconsin GOP leader - MJS

Top Walker donor says he donated to Fiorina, Rubio, Christie, Carson after debate - WaPo

GOP candidates move fast to court Walker’s valuable donor network - WaPo

Unions take victory lap as Scott Walker drops out of race - Bloomberg

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice N. Patrick Crooks dies - MJS

Supreme Court loses ”outstanding jurist,” swing vote as Patrick Crooks dies in chambers - WSJ

Fetal tissue ban, Planned Parenthood defunding to be taken up by Senate committee - Wisconsin Public Radio

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WEDC created fewer jobs in 2015; agency says it’s a good sign - MBJ

State rolling out new driver’s licenses with improved security features - MJS

September 21

Public employees face retirement changes under GOP bills - WSJ

Bills target benefits for state workers - APC

State education superintendent ‘uses the Constitution as a crutch,’ Joe Sanfelippo says - CT

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Measures aimed at state schools chief aren’t likely to fly - MJS

Public school advocates rally support for MPS schools - MJS

Proposals would crack down on FoodShare fraud - RJT

Related: 2015 AB 222

Some recoil at using FEC as model for elections overhaul in Wisconsin - WSJ

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On the Capitol: Investigators suspected Jim Villa, now top UW official, of misconduct - WSJ

Republicans introduce search warrant, SWAT bills - WSJ

Scott Walker’s untold story: Jobs lacking after big state subsidy of Kohl’s stores - WSJ

Walker’s renewed emphasis on unions not getting traction - MJS

Meltdown mystery: GOP voters still like Scott Walker as poll numbers near zero - MJS

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Scott Walker cancels twice on Michigan GOP, goes to must-win Iowa - WSJ

Scott Walker mounts a last stand in Iowa - Bloomberg

Congress must defund Planned Parenthood, Scott Walker says - Des Moines Register

DNR agrees to sell prime lake frontage to big Scott Walker donor - MJS

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears arguments on records access - MJS

Bradley, Donald, Kloppenburg vie for Crooks’ Supreme Court seat - CT

4 ways Senate race is different this time - ON