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September 4

New national poll shows Scott Walker 'fading into the background' - WSJ

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Scott Walker super PAC rolls out first TV ad - WSJ

Pro-Scott Walker PAC highlights Act 10 protests in new ad - CT

Pro-Walker ads to soon hit Iowa television stations, followed by a heavy push in S.C. - WaPo

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Summer’s biggest losers: Walker and O’Malley - Politico

Walker police comments draw mixed response from Wisconsin law enforcement - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker suggested it’s more dangerous to be a cop today. It’s actually much safer. - Vox

Scott Walker appoints banking executive to lead state jobs agency - MJS

Scott Walker taps retired banking executive, campaign donor to oversee WEDC - WSJ

Gov. Walker names former M&I executive Mark Hogan as CEO of job agency WEDC - MBJ

Interactive timeline: The tumultuous existence of WEDC - WSJ

Lt. Governor Kleefisch to lead trade mission to Japan and Taiwan - WSJ

Large insurance rate hikes in Wisconsin target of bill - WSJ

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Property tax rates drop in Southeastern Wisconsin - MJS

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Advanced Placement testing rises 8% in Wisconsin - MJS

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Abrahamson appeals in attempt to reclaim chief justice post - MJS

Texas abortion providers ask Supreme Court to reverse ruling on clinics - NYT

September 3

Lawmakers argue over GOP bills targeting Planned Parenthood funding - MJS

Republican bills target Planned Parenthood federal funding - WSJ

Pair of bills targeting Planned Parenthood’s funding in Wisconsin sparks heated debate - CT

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GOP anti-abortion bills worry health officials - ECLT

Plan would prevent lawmakers from banking unused sick days - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Scott Walker: More anti-police rhetoric, worse racial tensions under President Obama - WSJ

Scott Walker says Obama partly to blame for recent police killings - MJS

Scott Walker: Racial tensions have increased under Barack Obama - CT

Scott Walker alleges ‘a rise in anti-police rhetoric’ under president Obama - WaPo

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Super PAC backing Scott Walker announces $9 million ad buy - WSJ

Conservation groups to spend $1.6 million on ads against Sen. Ron Johnson - MJS

September 2

GOP bills targeting federal funding for Planned Parenthood get hearings - MJS

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Louisiana lays bare difficulty in push to cut Planned Parenthood funding - NYT

Focus on fetal tissue: Abortion foes target UW in a battle that could dramatically affect research - CT

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Board to discuss lobbyist contributions to Walker campaign - WSJ

Government Accountability Board moves toward use of electronic pollbooks - WSJ

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GAB Chief: I had numerous conversations with former attorney about ‘toning it down’ - WSJ

Lawmakers urge WEDC to review Eaton Corp. tax credits after jobs cuts - MJS

Report: State to spend $258M on school vouchers next year - WSJ

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Thiesfeldt argues against mandatory flu shots - ON

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Steady rise in Wisconsin farmland values may be ending - MJS

Cindi Duchow wins Waukesha County Republican Assembly primary - MJS

State Patrol  trims Scott Walker security team, rescinds raise - MJS

State cuts security team, $4/hour pay hike after feds order overtime back pay - WSJ

Interfaith leaders call on Scott Walker to address his comments on Muslims - MJS

Scott Walker in elected office since age 25, says he’s not a career politician - RJT

10 questions with Scott Walker - CNBC

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Scott Walker breaks from ‘11th commandment’ as poll numbers sag - Bloomberg

Scott Walker’s record on wind and solar power leaves renewable industry fuming - Bloomberg

Rand Paul mocks Scott Walker over ‘dumb’ Canadian border wall - WaPo

Poll tracker: Republican presidential candidates - WSJ

September 1

Walker builds his political brand with Wisconsin products - MJS

Taxpayers will provide back pay for overtime for Scott Walker’s security team - MJS

Scott Walker gets blasted for comments on Canadian border - MJS

Scott Walker campaign clarifies Canadian wall comments after backlash - WSJ

Walker’s campaign: He’s not pushing for a U.S.-Canada wall - Politico

MJS reporter: Walker presidential bid behind ‘significant’ approval drop at home - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker, underdog - Politico

No new state test picked yet to replace Badger Exam, options unlikely - WSJ

Common Ground objects to city financing plan for Bucks arena - MJS

Bucks: Overflow crowd for public hearing on  Milwaukee funding for new arena - WSJ

Researchers, industry groups add to chorus against fetal tissue bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Wisconsin Club for Growth leader Eric O’Keefe calls John Doe investigation a ‘disgraceful episode’ - CT

August 31

Center sours on Scott Walker; support drops among independents, outstate voters - MJS

Iowa poll finds Trump and Carson surging as Walker collapses - WaPo

What happened to Scott Walker? - WaPo

Wisconsin’s Walker looks to Iowa to regain momentum - WSJ

Scott Walker got an earful from voters, including Republicans, on proposed records changes - WSJ

Scott Walker outlines aggressive foreign policy in Citadel speech - MJS

Scott Walker says he would aggressively confront Islamic terrorism - WSJ

Walker: More Iraq combat, but not more boots on ground, yet - WSJ

Scott Walker gives foreign policy speech: ‘I have been tested like no other candidate in this race’ - CT

Scott Walker outlines foreign policy blueprint - NBC News

Walker’s speech reveals campaign schizophrenia - WaPo

Walker: We need to step up against Iran - MSNBC

Scott Walker: Wall between U.S. and Canada a ‘legitimate’ idea - WSJ

Walker open to Canadian border wall - APC

Scott Walker: Voters have “very legitimate concerns” about Canadian border - WaPo

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Scott Walker’s new immigration hard line could harm Wisconsin’s farmers - The Guardian US

UW campus officials prepare for new year after tumultuous summer - MJS

Amid Unified struggle, legislator proposes new option to fill board vacancies - RJT

Bill would let school board president fill open seats in deadlock - RJT

AARP pushing legislation to support those who assist sick, elderly - RJT

New bill would ban minors from using tanning beds - RJT

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Emails raise questions of impartiality, suggest Scott Walker was target of John Doe - WSJ

Political observers agree: WEDC’s performance has been disappointing - Wisconsin Public Radio

So how much will the Milwaukee Bucks arena cost you? Here’s the answer - MBJ

Four Republicans vie to fill Waukesha County Assembly seat - MJS

Marijuana decriminalization spreads across WI - ON