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August 7

Scott Walker sticks to script, delivers safe, quiet performance - MJS

Gloves come off at times during first GOP debate - MJS

Scott Walker casts himself as “aggressively normal” in first debate, stays clear of GOP squabbling - WSJ

Scott Walker saves his punches for Hillary Clinton in first GOP debate - CT

Walker takes on Clinton at first GOP debate - ON

Key takeaways from the first GOP debate of 2016 campaign - WSJ

Checking Scott Walker’s GOP debate statements - WSJ

Tom Tiffany has been a lightning rod on environmental issues - MJS

WE Energies asks state to block other utilities from building new electric plants - MJS

Undocumented immigrants would be eligible for proposed drivers card - CT

Wisconsin officials give Kleefisch emergency response plan - WSJ

John Doe target: Home search ‘like one of those bad horror movies’ - WSJ

August 6

Scott Walker to sign arena funding bill Thursday - MJS

Gov. Scott Walker to sign arena funding bill Aug. 12 - MBJ

Assembly task force to examine urban school issues - Wisconsin Public Radio

John Doe prosecutor asks state Supreme Court to reconsider ruling - MJS

Special prosecutor asks court to reconsider Walker decision - WSJ

Despite denials, Scott Walker was target of probe in 2011 - MJS

Prosecutors believed Scott Walker committed a felony while county executive - WSJ

Court filing: Scott Walker was under criminal investigation in first John Doe probe - WSJ

Scott Walker was target in now-closed Wisconsin criminal probe - Bloomberg

Scott Walker super PAC announces $7 million Iowa ad buy - MJS

Scott Walker ups the ante in Iowa where his super PAC unveils $7M ad buy - WSJ

Will Scott Walker set himself apart in the GOP debate? He might not have to - CT

After Trump, will it be Walker? - The New Yorker

Can Scott Walker be a fighter and a nice guy at the same time? - WaPo

For ‘straight-talking’ Walker, campaign rhetoric often at odds with his record - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker prevails in Koch donor straw poll - Politico

Texas ID law called breach of Voting Rights Act - NYT

August 5

Scott Walker, GOP lawmakers want to change elections board by 2016 - MJS

Audio contradicts Scott Walker aide’s description of raid - WSJ

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Fox News announces candidate line-up for prime-time debate - Fox News

For many, Thursday’s presidential debate offers first real look at Scott Walker - WSJ

Scott Walker carrying credit card debt with 27% interest rate - MJS

Scott Walker is carrying some ridiculously high-interest credit card debt - Vox

Many top candidates are spending less time in New Hampshire - WaPo

Poll tracker: potential Republican presidential candidates - WSJ

State health care leaders say Medicaid expansion not dead - WSJ

Legislation would give municipalities authority to decide whether roundabouts get built - RJT

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Bill aims to snuff out novelty lighter sales to minors - Wisconsin Public Radio

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August 4

Wisconsin to join lawsuit to block Obama greenhouse gas cuts - MJS

Attorney general says he will sue Obama over carbon emission - WSJ

Scott Walker blasts Obama clean power plan, won’t say if climate change tied to human activity - WSJ

Scott Walker slams Obama administration’s clean power plan - CT

Walker objects to Obama administration’s power plant rules - WSJ

Scott Walker suggests raising age to qualify for Social Security - MJS

Among fairgoers, the home-state candidate outdraws Trump, others - RJT

Ziegler, Shiely,  Cudahy among the $50,000-plus contributors to Gov. Scott Walker’s super PAC - MBJ

Scott Walker unveils his Donald Trump debate plan - CNN

Scott Walker just got punked at a New Hampshire pizza shop - WaPo

Doug La Follette falling behind in Capitol basement - WSJ

Why is it so hard to fund Wisconsin roads? - SP

Audio of John Doe raid contradicts claims by longtime Scott Walker aide - MJS

Wisconsin Club for Growth director speaks out on why he broke John Doe gag order - Wisconsin Public Radio

Democrats unveil a plan to fight gerrymandering - NYT

August 3

With millions of dollars at stake, Wisconsin leaders hold fast in opposition to Obamacare - MJS

Republicans propose eliminating legislators from WEDC Board - WSJ

Report alleges Scott Walker’s WEDC has failed, WEDC says it’s improving - WSJ

Correction: Economic Agency story - WSJ

Status quo likely won’t last at Government Accountability Board, putting elections, ethics oversight in flux - WSJ

LeMahieu wants partisan elections board in place of GAB - SP

State budget protects districts from low-performing virtual schools - MJS

State finances a headscratcher? Here’s some budget clarity - MJS

Legislator proposes exotic animal ban in wake of lion hunt - WSJ

Former Gogebic Taconite site owner seeks other mine options - MJS

Gogebic Taconite gone, but Iron County is told new mine operator may appear - WSJ

Without a federal EPA, as Scott Walker wants, George Meyer warns of environmental jeopardy - CT

Scott Walker touts local power, but doesn’t always defer to local government - MJS

Scott Walker courts donors at Koch brothers’ event in California - MJS

Scott Walker Super PAC nets nearly $20 million - MJS

Three billionaires, including Chicago Cubs owners, top donor list for Scott Walker super PAC - WSJ

Scott Walker’s PAC received donations from Hammes family, MMAC during Bucks arena debate - WSJ

Cubs’ Ricketts give $5M donation to Gov. Walker’s super PAC - MBJ

Scott Walker aims to stay above the fray in first GOP debate - MBJ

Walker: Constitutional amendment on gay marriage is not a top focus - WaPo

Scott Walker denies flip-flopping, says he’s been ‘fairly consistent’ on the issues - WaPo

Walker floats cabinet picks: Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Mitch Daniels - WaPo

Scott Walker compares Koch donor conference to prior tea party rallies - WSJ

Charles Koch decries corporate welfare as Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina court donor network - WALLSJ

Scott Walker’s office obstructed probe of veterans money, investigators say - MJS

Judge dismisses Shirley Abrahamson suit to regain chief justice role - MJS