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July 17

Emboldened by Supreme Court ruling, GOP lawmakers push changes to campaign-finance law, oversight - WSJ

Wisconsin Supreme Court ends John Doe probe into Scott Walker’s campaign - MJS

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Court ends probe of GOP hopeful Walker’s recall campaign - WSJ

In John Doe ruling, Supreme Court critiques search warrants, raids - WSJ

Critics decry partisanship in Wisconsin Supreme Court decision ending John Doe investigation - CT

Prosecutors could appeal to federal court on justices’ failure to recuse - WSJ

A primer on Wisconsin court ending Walker campaign probe - WSJ

In closing probe, Wisconsin court gives big victory to 2016 hopeful Walker - WaPo

Is Scott Walker ready for prime time? Campaign trail inconsistencies may fuel opponents - CT

Scott Walker says he’s not getting bogged down on social issues - WSJ

Scott Walker walks a conservative tightrope in New Hampshire - NYT

Scott Walker sees the South as pivotal to the nomination - NYT

Snapchat steps into 2016 campaign with Iowa ‘live story,’ and Kasich, Walker ads - WaPo

When will Wisconsin Assembly convene on $250M arena funding bill? - MBJ

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Arena deal gives city tools on foreclosed homes, unregistered cars - MJS

State budget OKs covering $26 million in cost overruns - MJS

WEDC debates whether to change policies to reflect current practices - WSJ

5-strikes-and you’re-out OWI bill moving forward - GBPG

Bill would require financial literacy education in Wisconsin schools - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Lawmaker asks state to investigate Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin - MJS

Wisconsin legislator calls for Planned Parenthood investigation after undercover video - CT

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Police grapple with prioritizing untested rape kits - ON

July 16

Wisconsin Supreme Court ends John Doe probe into Scott Walker’s campaign - MJS

Supreme Court ends John Doe probe that threatened Scott Walker’s presidential bid - WSJ

Wisconsin court ends probe of presidential hopeful Scott Walker - WSJ

Scott Walker 2012 campaign inquiry ended by Wisconsin court - NYT

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Scott Walker backs off on supporting Boy Scouts’ ban on gay leaders - CT

Scott Walker clarifies remark that gay Scout leader ban ‘protected children’ - NYT

Scott Walker, using Harley-Davidson to burnish ‘fighter’ image - NYT

Scott Walker, in South Carolina, skirts gun control and flag issues - NYT

Scott Walker tells Laura Ingraham he doesn’t believe abortion should be between a woman and her doctor - CT

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Senate approves financing deal for Bucks arena, 21-10 - MJS

State Senate passes Bucks arena deal - APC

Wisconsin Senate approves $250M funding plan for Milwaukee Bucks arena - MBJ

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Senate Democrats alter Milwaukee arena deal, adding ticket surcharge, dropping county debt-collection plan - MJS

Why the state senators voted the way they did on Milwaukee Bucks arena deal - MBJ

Vilsack: Federal law bars Wisconsin food stamp drug testing - WSJ

Critics slam Walker’s legal push for food stamp drug testing - Wisconsin Public Radio

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July 15

As Scott Walker’s presidential campaign hits the road, Las Vegas is the first stop - WSJ

Scott Walker hits campaign trail in Las Vegas, raps Iran deal - MJS

Scott Walker’s family takes prominent role in presidential campaign - WSJ

Gov. Scott Walker: Freedom and prosperity for all - CT

Scott Walker: Minimum wage a ‘lame idea,’ but I wouldn’t change federal wage - WSJ

Why Scott Walker thinks the minimum wage is ‘lame’ - WaPo

Scott Walker: Boy Scouts previous policy banning gay leaders was ‘perfectly fine’ - WSJ

Scott Walker: Boy Scouts ban on gay leaders ‘protected children’ - WaPo

Two issues that weren’t in Gov. Walker’s announcement speech - MJS

Waiting for Scott Walker - Politico

Poll tracker: Potential Republican presidential candidates - WSJ

Deal on Milwaukee Bucks arena close, senators say - MJS

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Business, labor leaders urge lawmakers to approve Bucks arena deal - MJS

Arena talks heat up in state Senate; decision will be made on whether to vote on Wednesday - MBJ

Vote expected on Bucks arena deal Wednesday - MBJ

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Scott Walker administration sues feds to allow food stamp drug tests - MJS

Doug La Follette sues Scott Walker over state budget measures - MJS

Doug La Follette sues Scott Walker over budget cuts to his office - WSJ

Wisconsin high court to issue John Doe rulings Thursday - MJS

Wisconsin Supreme court to rule on John Doe investigation days after Scott Walker announcement - CT

July 14

Scott Walker makes it official, launches presidential run - MJS

Scott Walker on presidential run: I can win - WSJ

Scott Walker’s presidential announcement speech - WSJ

Walker’s words: Scott Walker’s stand on major issues - WSJ

‘We’ve supported him all along’: Supporters flood Waukesha to back Walker’s presidential bid - WSJ

In Waukesha, Scott Walker says he loves America, is running for president - CT

Scott Walker Enters 2016 Presidential Race, Pledging Conservative Agenda - NYT

Calling for ‘new, fresh leadership, Gov. Scott Walker begins presidential bid - MBJ

Walker says he has a unique story to tell - MJS

Scott Walker has lined up his key presidential campaign staffers - WSJ

Gov. Scott Walker, now presidential candidate, hosts private reception with mega supporters - MBJ

Scott Walker campaigns in Las Vegas where big donors, early caucus-goers await - WSJ

Walker seeks to rally GOP on a pledge of victory with no compromise - WaPo

Scott Walker vows to ’fight and win’ with a conservative message for 2016 - WaPo

Democratic leaders rip Walker’s economic record and ‘divisive politics’ - MJS

Democrats accuse Scott Walker of divisive politics ahead of presidential announcement - CT

One of the last in, Scott Walker enters 2016 presidential race near the top of the GOP field - WaPo

Breaking down how Scott Walker wins – or loses – the GOP presidential nomination - WSJ

What Scott Walker would need to do to win - NYT

How Scott Walker will win - Politico

Tales from Scott Walker’s graveyard - Politico

Scott Walker’s jobs record falls short of most other GOP governors running - WaPo

Scott Walker calls minimum wage one of many ‘lame ideas’ from Democrats - WaPo

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Richard Trumka: ‘Scott Walker is a national disgrace’ - Politico

Things you may not know about Scott Walker - NYT

Five things you might not know about Scott Walker - WaPo

Scott Walker: Unbending (and unexcitable) - WaPo

Scott Walker is boring. That’s the point - WaPo

Democrats should have never tried to recall Scott Walker - WaPo

Trump backed Gov. Walker’s 2014 re-election; cultivating president donors now trickier - MBJ

July 13

Walker signs state budget with 104 vetoes day before 2016 kickoff - MJS

Walker signs 2015-17 state budget - APC

Scott Walker signs 2015-15 state budget into law - WSJ

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Highlights of Wisconsin budget signed by governor - WSJ

Stakes high, Scott Walker signs Wisconsin budget - NYT

Scott Walker to sign budget Sunday – a day before presidential announcement - MJS

UW Madison chancellor asks Scott Walker to veto tenure, shared governance changes - WSJ

GOP budget pares reach of Department of Natural Resources - MJS

Program included in state budget aims to help low-income families receive dental care - RJT

Scott Walker: Open records changes a huge mistake’ that ’didn’t come from us’ - WSJ

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Rep. Dale Kooyenga on open-records flap: ‘It was a bad vote’ - CT

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Schraa, Hintz explain votes on open records changes - ON

Scott Fitzgerald: Public had big impact on state budget - WSJ

Rep. Gordon Hintz: State budget doesn’t reflect Wisconsin values - WSJ

‘I’m running for president,’ Scott Walker announces on Twitter - MJS

It’s official: Scott Walker tweets ‘I’m in’ presidential race - WSJ

Video: Scott Walker set to join crowded GOP field - WSJ

Scott Walker’s path to the presidency began long before announcement - WSJ

Political savvy, right timing paved Scott Walker’s path to presidential run - WSJ

Walker reminds voters of union wins as he enters 2016 race - WSJ

It’s showtime: Scott Walker set to announce 2016 bid - Bloomberg

Scott Walker spars with GOP ahead of 2016 launch - CNN

Scott Walker’s candidacy clouded by messy budget, bad polling - WSJ

As Scott Walker enters 2016 fray, he feuds with both parties at home - WaPo

Scott Walker, viewed as ‘authentic,’ aims for ‘smart’ in the 2016 race - NYT

How Scott Walker could go from No. 15 to No. 1 - CNN

How Scott Walker can regain momentum - WaPo

Scott Walker’s timely abortion victory - Politico

Scott Walker seeks to calm conservatives as he joins 2016 race - TIME

The challenges ahead as Gov. Scott Walker kicks off 2016 bid - MJS

Win or lose, Scott Walker’s political future in Wisconsin is no sure bet - MJS

Jobs agency lent $1.2 million to businessman with troubled finances - MJS

Key state lawmakers renew calls to overhaul Elections Board - MJS

Wall Street Journal op-ed fuels GOP attack on GAB director - CT