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July 10

Assembly passes bill banning abortion after 20 weeks - MJS

Scott Walker plans to sign 20-week abortion ban - WSJ

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Democrats charge abortion ban vote timed to Walker presidential announcement - Isthmus

Wisconsin abortion ban ‘isn’t about abortion,’ says GOP lawmaker - Huffington Post

Why did 11 Republican representatives vote against Scott Walker’s budget? - CT

Lawmakers condemn non-fiscal items ‘snuck’ into budget bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Need a quick summary of the state budget? Here it is - MJS

University of Wisconsin Regents enact budget reflecting state cuts - MJS

Regents pass budget to absorb $125M in state cuts - WSJ

UWO ‘in a great place’ for $7.4 million cut - ON

Wisconsin schools chief urges Scott Walker to veto education measures - MJS

Backlash over records moves prompts mea culpa - MJS

Wisconsin Assembly OKs open records resolution - WSJ

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Late, secretive Wisconsin budget proposals increase - APC

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Scott Walker may veto payday lenders budget provisions - MJS

Legal analysis determined state can legally strip representatives land sale control from Milwaukee County Board - MBJ

Your legislators’ take on state budget - Wausau Daily Herald

Walker will launch 2016 bid from hottest of GOP hotbeds - MJS

Michael Grebe to lead Scott Walker’s presidential campaign - WSJ

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Cramming for the campaign exam, Scott Walker bones up on foreign policy - LA Times

Insiders say Scott Walker is dominant in Iowa - Politico

Some 2016 GOPers my ignore EPA coal regs - WaPo

Florida court finds politics determined district lines - NYT

July 9

$72.7 billion budget heads to Scott Walker - MJS

Budget now in Gov. Scott Walker’s hands - APC

Highlights of $73B budget passed by Legislature - WSJ

GOP Sen. Cowles to vote against state budget - MJS

11 Assembly Republicans vote against budget - WSJ

After bomb threat and beer summit, Wisconsin Assembly passes budget - CT

Bomb threat at Capitol leads to ’bipartisan beer summit’ - CT

Assembly poised to send $73B state budget to Scott Walker’s desk - WSJ

Assembly begins debate on state budget - WSJ

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Senate budget loosens payday loan regulations - CT

Budget provision could benefit chiropractors in insurance disputes - MJS

Budget provision would benefit PSC chair, Kenosha County project - MJS

Legislature approves budget proposals affecting Racine - RJT

Speaker Robin Vos confirms senator’s Mexico vacation changed budget schedule - MJS

Sen. Fitzgerald: Bucks arena vote may come next week, ticket fee could be added - MBJ

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Democrats sue state over redistricting, call it ‘one of the worst’ gerrymanders ever - WSJ

First stop after Scott Walker’s presidential campaign announcement: Las Vegas - WSJ

Scott Walker focuses on Iowa in post-announcement travels - CT

Scott Walker hoping new bundlers help vault him over fundraising hurdles - CNN

A political lifer, Scott Walker has long been his own strategist - NYT

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Why Scott Walker keeps mentioning Marco Rubio as a running mate - WaPo

July 8

In late-night vote, Senate Republicans pass state budget  - MJS

State Senate finally passes budget, sends it to Assembly - WSJ

Wisconsin Senate approves budget, Assembly to take it up Wednesday - CT

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Highlights of state budget passed by Senate - WSJ

Things to watch in state budget - ON

Scott Fitzgerald: Scott Walker’s office was involved with open records changes - CT

Scott Walker’s office helped draft changes to open records law - WSJ

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Bad, bad idea: A plan to change Wisconsin’s open records law as met with swift, strong opposition - CT

Drafting notes silent on author of open records overhaul - MJS

Wisconsin Senate wipes open records rollback from budget - WSJ

Wisconsin Senate to take up state budget, reverse proposed open records changes - CT

Senate approves partial repeal of Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws - CT

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Budget proposal to change state retirement system oversight is yanked - WSJ

Update: Republicans abandon changes to state Retirement Systems - CT

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55% of Wisconsin districts may see drop in state aid - MJS

Budget amendment would allow 7-day workweeks - MJS

Provision: Payday lenders could provide insurance, financial advice - MJS

Last-minute budget move would help firm finish pipeline - MJS

Arena ticket fee could be added to help draw support for Bucks deal - MBJ

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Democrats sue state elections officials over 2011 redistricting - MJS

Labor battles heat up in state legislatures - Pew Trusts

Scott Walker ups presidential hype with ‘Recall the Recall’ video - CT

Scott Walker to signal Iowa dedication with three-day announcement tour - Des Moines Register

Nearing launch, Walker team sees Bush, Rubio as 2016 competition - WaPo

Tea partiers and liberals tell Gov. Scott Walker: ‘No more games on Common Core’ - WaPo

States weigh gay marriage, rights and cake - NYT

Kansas governor: State can’t punish religious groups over same-sex marriage objections - WaPo

July 7

GOP Senators to make run at repealing prevailing wage - MJS

Vos says Assembly Republicans would likely support prevailing wage repeal - Wisconsin Public Radio

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Campuses scramble to find who wins, loses in budget shakeout - MJS

UW-Madison facing $58.9M cut in state aid - WSJ

UW handing down $140M in budget cuts - ECLT

Milwaukee Bucks president urges public dollars for new arena - WSJ

Bucks to lawmakers: Without arena, NBA will force team to move - MJS

Bucks’ Feigin: If arena deal not approved, NBA will move team to ‘Las Vegas or Seattle’ - MBJ

Bucks president to Wisconsin legislature: Help fund an arena or lose the team - WaPo

State Sen. Darling: Bucks arena deal ‘opportunity of a generation’ - MBJ

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County Board cut out of land sales in state budget addition - MBJ

Jon Erpenbach: Blame Scott Walker for delayed state budget - CT

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Democrats call for new rules on policy items in Wisconsin budget - Wisconsin Radio Network

Was Scott Walker behind open records proposal? - APC

Democrats rip GOP on budget, open records - APC

John Nygren, Robin Vos defend open records law changes - WSJ

Assembly Speaker: Republican leaders knew open records changes were coming - Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker heads into 2016 race with wins on gun sales, union dues - Bloomberg

True believer: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker - Governing Magazine

Forget what I said. That Scott Walker call? Never happened - NYT

Focusing on 2016, GOP governors overlook their own states - Reuters

July 6

We want fewer open records, state Republicans say - ON

Bipartisan spectrum blasts proposed changes to open records law - MJS

GOP lawmakers, Scott Walker abandon open records changes - MJS

Scott Walker, legislative leaders drop open records changes - WSJ

Scott Walker will ‘make changes’ to public records restrictions before budget vote - WSJ

Scott Walker, Republican leaders remove open records restrictions from Wisconsin budget - WSJ

Fewer open records? Fast, fierce opposition - ON

Governor: Wis. open records restrictions will be dropped - APC

Walker office operating as if proposed open records exemptions are law - MJS

Other items added to the budget Thursday - WSJ

Controversial teacher licensure changes scaled back by lawmakers

High stakes public hearing on arena deal set for today - MJS

GOP in control – but leaders still need Democrats’ votes to pass arena deal - MJS

Republican leaders set Milwaukee arena funding as separate vote, need Democrat support - MBJ

Twin Cities stadium sets a development precedent for Bucks arena - MJS

Politics of immigration take root in Walker’s hometown - MJS

A view of 2016 from inside the Walker campaign - MJS

Scott Walker hopes to turn Midwest roots into campaign strategy - WSJ

Scott Walker’s hard right turn in Iowa may hurt him elsewhere - NYT

Walker aims to blaze Midwestern trail to White House - Politico

Scott Walker’s growing pains - US News & World Report

Scott Walker’s wife, toughened by life, is ready for fires of a campaign - WaPo