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February 26

Poverty across Wisconsin reaches highest level in 30 years - MJS

Vos: Lack of highway funding fix ‘biggest disappointment’ - RJT

Retired Racine judge calls out Walker on Lincoln Hills incident - RJT

Democratic lawmaker says Walker, GOP are dragging their feet on Lincoln Hills - Wisconsin Public Radio

Judge to decide right-to-work lawsuit after arguments - WSJ

GAB withheld complaint dismissal as John Doe began - MJS

GAB releases hundreds of John Doe documents - WSJ

Walker: Improving workforce is key to economic development - LT

Scott Walker approval rating continues to hover below 40 percent - WSJ

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Rebecca Bradley-JoAnne Kloppenburg race a dead heat for high court - MJS

Poll: Rebecca Bradley, JoAnne Kloppenburg tied in Supreme Court race - WSJ

Neither presidential frontrunner in command in Wisconsin - MJS

Russ Feingold maintains solid lead over Ron Johnson in new poll - WSJ

Sen. Nikiya Harris Dodd won’t seek re-election - MJS

South Dakota bill on transgender students’ bathroom access draws ire - NYT

Transgender students and ‘bathroom laws’ in South Dakota and beyond - NYT

Appeals court upholds law restricting Louisiana abortion doctors - NYT

February 25

Natural Resources Board OKs sale of 5,500 acres - MJS

At GOP’s urging, DNR floats less scrutiny for polluters - WSJ

DNR board may have violated open meetings law - WSJ

Critics charge the Legislature is eroding protections of the state’s water resources - Isthmus

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Scott Walker calls for lower-cost alternatives for repeat drunken drivers - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 455

Wisconsin drunken drivers not installing safety devices - ON

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Gov. Scott Walker to Wisconsin: No need to fine sanctuary cities - MJS

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Scott Walker doesn’t expect sanctuary cities ban bill to reach his desk - WSJ

Wanggaard echoes calls for sanctuary city bill vote - RJT

Politicians react to county exec bill passage - ON

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Milwaukee injury lawyer is first appointee to elections commission - WSJ

Ex-Lincoln Hills supervisor says sexual assault mishandled - MJS

Appeals court overturns ruling to clarify abortion law - MJS

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Supreme Court abortion case seen as turning point for clinics - NYT

Wisconsin Supreme court hears Milwaukee residency case - MJS

Scott Walker ‘happy’ to be Wisconsin governor instead of candidate for president - CT

Gov. Scott Walker says Donald Trump appears well positioned in Wisconsin - MJS

February 24

Self-insurance could disrupt health care market, UW business prof says - WSJ

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State GOP secretary is first appointee to new ethics commission - WSJ

Lawmakers push bill easing path for short-term rentals - LT

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Rep. Kathy Bernier walks out of meeting after ‘vile’ comment by Eau Claire school board member - WSJ

Ann Walsh Bradley: Uncle who served at Iwo Jima unable to vote - MJS

State high court to hear city residency case Wednesday - MJS

Joe Donald endorses JoAnne Kloppenburg over Rebecca Bradley - MJS

Charlotte passes transgender rights law: Will North Carolina let it stand? - Christian Science Monitor

Republican lawmaker wants to ban welfare recipients from buying steak and lobster - WaPo

February 23

Wisconsin legislative rundown: Here’s where some key proposals stand - CT

A whirlwind week to close Assembly’s 2015-16 session - Wisconsin Public Radio

Conservative senators renew push to fine sanctuary cities - MJS

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GOP senator to Scott Fitzgerald: Hold vote on sanctuary cities bill; Senate will support it - WSJ

Wisconsin Republicans push for Senate vote on bill banning sanctuary cities - CT

For Rohrkaste, dementia work is personal - APC

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Plan to limit school funding referendums fails in Legislature - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 481

Fetal tissue ban going nowhere this legislative session - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 305

Constitutional amendment would set term limits for Wisconsin governor, Legislature - Badger Herald

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Another staffer put on leave amid Lincoln Hills probe - MJS

Comments anger lawmaker from area: Bernier leaves meeting early after school official’s remark - ECLT

Wisconsin board to consider selling another 5,900 acres - LT

Legislator warns of Medicare sweepstakes scam - RJT

Two more Assembly Republicans set to retire - MJS

Name ID, Scott Walker and presidential race factors in deciding state Supreme Court race - WSJ

A rising call to promote STEM education and cut liberal arts funding - NYT

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Abortion foes’ strategy faces a key test at the Supreme Court - WaPo

February 22

GOP lawmakers bail on host of bills from privatizing water utilities to school bathroom policies - WSJ

Wisconsin Legislature: Where things stand now - GBPG

State Senate unlikely to take up sanctuary cities bill - MJS

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Office of Scott Fitzgerald: Sanctuary cities bill not a priority - WSJ

Wisconsin legislators could not serve as county executives under bill passed by Assembly - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 707

7 Republicans vote against bill banning county executives from Legislature - WSJ

Shoreline development bill heads to governor’s desk without dredging provisions - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 582

DNR’s plan to sell surplus lands avoids controversial parcels - MJS

Bill awaiting Scott Walker’s signature loosens rules for debt-buyers collecting in state - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 117

New law would allow bill collectors to work from home - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 438

Libraries can give info to bill collectors, but not user information - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 466

Pets could be included in restraining orders under new legislation - MJS

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Railroad crossing bill clears Assembly, Senate fate unclear - LT

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Doctors, patients seek weight loss surgery coverage for state workers - WSJ

UW-Extension’s pending fiscal cuts have farmers and county agents on edge - WSJ

9 on Walker’s security team got five-figure overtime checks - MJS

Fierce Supreme Court race expected - MJS

John Doe investigators say Brad Schimel defamed them - MJS

John Doe investigators call Brad Schimel comments ‘defamatory’ in court filing - WSJ

Governors devise bipartisan effort to reduce opioid abuse - NYT

Want to vote in this state? You have to have a passport or dig up a birth certificate - WaPo