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January 29

Committee passes Republican college affordability bills over Democrats’ objections - WSJ

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Assembly committee OKs Walker college proposals - WSJ

Bill giving sexual assault victims amnesty from drinking tickets passes committee - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 808

School absences bill passes Assembly committee - RJT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 488

Gov. Walker visits New Richmond to talk about education - Pierce County Herald

Bill restricts access to vehicle ‘black boxes’ that can track how you drive - WSJ

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Democratic bill would allow 12-month birth control prescriptions - CT

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Chief judge calls Lincoln Hills treatment ‘inhumane’ - MJS

Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel files brief with Supreme Court in Texas abortion case - CT

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Scott Walker’s job approval level still at 38 percent four months after presidential run - WSJ

Despite Scott Walker’s pleas, Wisconsin Republicans support Donald Trump - CT

Poll shows strong support for gun background checks in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Radio Network

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Union membership in Wisconsin plummets in wake of GOP measures - MJS

Union membership in Wisconsin tumbles below national average - WSJ

Wisconsin tax burden fourth highest in U.S. - ON

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January 28

Assembly committee passes WEDC fraud bill, Democrats raise concerns about chilling effect - WSJ

Bill to ease public water supplies into private hands sparks clash - WSJ

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 432 and Assembly Bill 554

Bipartisan Senate bill aims to reform asset forfeitures by law enforcement agencies - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 537

Assembly bill targets child sex trafficking - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 737

IDs from Wisconsin towns, counties could not be used for voting under Republican bill - CT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 533

Republican bill would allow, regulate fantasy sports companies in Wisconsin - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 800

Drone operators protest bill to establish no-fly zones - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 670

Bill would create financial penalties for destroying public records - MJS

AG: Legislature could address state delays in responding to records requests - WSJ

Energy experts are split on whether Wisconsin should lift ban on new nuclear power plants

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 384

Lawmaker moves to nix popular vaccination waiver - Wisconsin Public Radio

Walker signs Family Care bill - Beloit Daily News

Related: 2015 Wisconsin Act 127

Walker appoints Listecki, others to commission on family - MJS

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Doe prosecutors want to share sealed documents with lawyers - MJS

John Doe prosecutors seek help from private law firm in appealing case to U.S. Supreme Court - WSJ

Challengers warn of partisan politics in Wisconsin Supreme Court race - MJS

January 27

Hike in per diem payments to lawmakers prompts change - MJS

Lawmaker reimbursements rose in 2015, despite assurances they wouldn't - WSJ

Wisconsin Representatives work less, get paid more - Fond du Lac Reporter

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Public interest firm sues DNR over delays on records requests - MJS

Madison advocacy group files complaint over DNR’s handling of open records requests - WSJ

Assembly committee set to take up WEDC fraud bill - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 669

Lawmakers told of importance of early childhood education - MJS

Committee OKs bill expanding library powers - RJT

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 466

Supporters turn out at hearing for expanded family and medical leave - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 385

ALEC pushes for access to abuse-deterrent opioids - CT

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During presidential bid, Scott Walker also spent on state campaign - MJS

Why you could go to jail for selling a cookie in Wisconsin - Christian Science Monitor

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 330

January 26

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood provided fetal tissue to UW-Madison - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 305

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker introduces bill to legalize fantasy sports - MJS

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 800

Bill would require 6 weeks of unpaid leave for living organ donation - WSJ

Democrats in Legislature, Congress push their own college affordability bills - WSJ

Wisconsin Democrats offer alternatives to Scott Walker’s college affordability proposals - CT

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Wisconsin Dems push measure for free in-state college tuition - Wisconsin Public Radio

UW Students fire back at state Sen. Steve Nass over political correctness remarks - CT

UW, law enforcement back bill to give victims of sexual assault amnesty from drinking tickets - WSJ

Bill aims to remove barriers from reporting sexual assaults by Wisconsin college students - CT

Democratic bill would expand access to sober living options in Wisconsin - CT

Educators wary of school gun bills - Fond Du Lac Reporter

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 589

Bill targets fraud against seniors - RJT

State Senate committee hearing set for paid family leave bill - Wisconsin Public Radio

Related: 2015 Senate Bill 385

Rural broadband advocates: state’s efforts ‘insignificant’ - WSJ

Opponents of Bucks arena financing vow to mobilize voters - MJS

Scott Walker campaign pays back another $135,000 in travel costs - MJS

Scott Walker presidential campaign has reimbursed state $135,000  for security travel costs - WSJ

Arguments over North Carolina voter ID law begin in federal court - NYT

Wisconsin professor questions NC legislators’ claims that Voter ID law aimed to prevent fraud - Charlotte Observer

January 25

Scott Walker trying to reconnect with voters in listening sessions - MJS

In Wisconsin, civil service change is another labor setback - WSJ

Walker: State needs to invest more in education but no ‘blank check’ - MJS

Scott Walker promotes technical skills at education convention - WSJ

Bill supported by Scott Walker would increase ‘emergency’ aid to college students - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 741 and NCSL Data

UW System president meets with student activists, drawing rebuke from Republican senator - WSJ

Bipartisan bill aims to protect victims of stalking, domestic abuse, human trafficking in Wisconsin - CT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 673

New wrinkle in property rights bill would eliminate tilt toward experts - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 582 and Senate Bill 464

Legislators seek $5,000 fine for flying drones over prisons - WSJ

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 670

Jesse Kremer busy unapologetically authoring conservative bills - WSJ

Family pushes law change on unexcused absences - RJT

Related: 2015 Assembly Bill 488

Lincoln Hills probe: one staffer fired, three more placed on leave - MJS

Green Box owner says he plans to repay WEDC - WSJ

Schimel disappointed in court denial of bid to delay power plant rules - MJS

Despite state efforts, arsenic continues to poison many private wells - CT

Kansas court of appeals voids restrictive 2015 abortion law - NYT

Trial to start over North Carolina’s voter-ID law - WaPo