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January 22

Tax shortfall will squeeze state - WSJ

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State revenues fall $158 million short of projections - MJS

Wisconsin’s general fund balance projected to be $94.4 million less than expected - CT

Authors: college affordability bills would do more to help students than refinancing - WSJ

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College officials say GOP college affordability bills are ‘a good start’ - CT

Study: It’s time to test impact of student aid program Scott Walker is eyeing for funding boost - CT

Walker touts education measures at FVTC - APC

Walker pushes for workforce development at Western - LT

Scott Walker orders policy change after light discipline case - MJS

DOC: More Lincoln Hills staff resign, on leave amid abuse investigation - WSJ

Tommy Thompson ‘reserves judgment’ on GOP civil service changes - CT

Bill would create more ‘zombie’ homes, Milwaukee officials say - MJS

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Wisconsin fantasy sports bill would regulate – but not ban – FanDuel, DraftKings - MBJ

State’s new computer system still buggy with payroll - MJS

Ray Allen named new secretary of the Department of Workforce Development - WSJ

Coyote hunting contest draws complaints from environmental groups - MJS

January 21

Senate adopts civil service, Planned Parenthood bills - MJS

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Civil service overhaul heads to Scott Walker’s desk after Senate passage - WSJ

Senate passes bills to defund Planned Parenthood - WSJ

Wisconsin Senate votes to strip Planned Parenthood of $7.5 million in federal funds - CT

Senate OKs bills on opiate abuse, drunken driving - MJS

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Senate passes bill stiffening penalties for repeat drunk drivers - WSJ

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Senate passes bill making it easier for police to conduct strip searches - WSJ

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Senate votes to repeal state’s ban on switchblade knives - WSJ

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Bipartisan legislation seeks to target Alzheimer’s health crisis - MJS

Bipartisan Assembly group seeks about $2 million for Alzheimer’s, dementia care - WSJ

Sanctuary cities bill gets hearing Wednesday - MJS

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Undocumented immigrants oppose bill banning ‘sanctuary cities’ in Wisconsin - CT

Dane County offers zoning code rewrite to stop Legislature’s opt out bill - WSJ

Bag bans could be sacked - ECLT

Nuclear options: Scientists join Republicans in push to diversify energy choices in Wisconsin - Isthmus

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Wisconsin Republican lawmaker has FanDuel, DraftKings bill in works, but this is different - MBJ

State Rep. John Nygren re-introduces bill to make WIAA subject to open records, meetings laws - RJT

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January 20

Scott Walker touts state’s recovery as he seeks a political rebound - MJS

Scott Walker pledges to put self-insurance savings into public education - WSJ

Scott Walker talks college affordability in first State of the State since presidential bid - CT

Walker promises to help people find jobs, bolster education - RJT

Gov. Scott Walker’s 2016 State of the State address - WSJ

Walker’s speech draws partisan reaction - ECLT

4 takeaways from Walker’s 2016 State of the State - Wisconsin Public Radio

Democrats ‘underwhelmed and frustrated’ by State of the State - Wisconsin Radio Network

Wisconsin Assembly passes bipartisan bill to aid disabled children who are victims of abuse - CT

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Assembly OKs bill for disabled children who are crime victims - MJS

Senate likely to take up civil service changes Wednesday, but which version still unclear

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Milwaukee Democrats renew call for apology from Bob Gannon - CT

2 John Doe probe figures accuse prosecutor of ignoring court order - MJS

January 19

Big change from a year ago: Walker at crossroads for address - MJS

4 things to watch for in Scott Walker’s ‘state of the state’ address - MJS

Democrats talk agenda ahead of Scott Walker’s State of State - WSJ

Robin Vos: Wisconsin Assembly doesn’t have the votes to pass aborted fetal tissue research ban - CT

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Legislators spar over college affordability plans - RJT

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Democrats knock Scott Walker’s college affordability proposal before State of the State - CT

Walker: Refinancing student debt won’t help - GBPG

Republicans look to eliminate minimum hunting age - WSJ

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Democratic bill seeks to force Wisconsin judges to recuse themselves over campaign contributions - CT

Bill makes lying on professional license application a crime - MJS

Big donors, election wins equal flush coffers for Wisconsin Republicans - WSJ

Walker ends 2015 with $20,000 in state campaign fund - MJS

Scott Walker ended 2015 with depleted state campaign coffers - WSJ

Barca questions spending by Walker’s state campaign - Wisconsin Public Radio

Scott Walker administration won’t explain what happened to text messages related to WEDC loan - WSJ

Officials overseeing Lincoln Hills got thousands of dollars for unused leave - MJS

In insuring Hispanic kids, Wisconsin lags the nation - CT

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Maximum stints in solitary confinement cut - GBPG

What happened to the Steven Avery bill? - APC

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