Bill Drafting and Legal Services

LRB attorneys draft all legislation for introduction in the Wisconsin Legislature and provide confidential legal services to all legislative offices. LRB attorneys also draft legislation for the governor, executive branch agencies, and the courts, as well as for other legislative service agencies.

To request a bill or amendment draft, or to seek legal advice or assistance from an LRB attorney, you may wish to refer to the Subject Areas Directory to identify and contact the appropriate attorney. You may also call the LRB front desk at 608.266.3561 and you will be directed to the appropriate attorney. LRB attorneys may be reached by phone or e-mail and are always available to meet with legislators at their capitol offices. Legislative offices that have questions about specific legislation should directly contact the attorney who drafted the legislation. The drafting attorney can be identified by matching the attorney's initials, which appear below the LRB number in the bill's upper right-hand corner, with the attorney's name in the Attorney Directory.


Legislative offices that need legislation jacketed for introduction in the Assembly or Senate or need a copy of the legislation hand-delivered or sent electronically may contact the drafting attorney or call 608.266.3561 or e-mail the request to

Note: If members of the press or public have questions about legislation or state or local government generally, they may contact an LRB research analyst at the LRB Reference Desk at 608.266.0341.