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2013-2015 Budget Documents

This page is intended to supplement information available on the Legislature's documents search site related to the creation of the 2013-2015 budget. For help navigating these documents, please contact the research staff.

The Budget Bill was signed into law on June 30 as 2013 Wisconsin Act 20, taking effect on July 2, 2013. Partial vetoes to the bill are explained in the governor's veto message and the LRB's veto brief.

The Budget Bill was introduced as 2013 Assembly Bill 40.

Spill Bill (comprised of the compiled drafts that constitute the Budget Bill, to be used in conjunction with the Budget Index Report).

Budget Index Report: Guide to the 2013-2015 Governor's Executive Budget Bill.

Executive Budget Support Documentation - Essential Resources, Jan. 2013, LRB Library.

Budget documents from the Department of Administration's State Budget Office.

Budget-related publications from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

State Budget Process - Information Paper #74 from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

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